Red Bull: McLaren are quicker

As Formula 1 fans eagerly await the Suzuka Grand Prix, all eyes are on the battle for pole position. Max Verstappen, the Red Bull Racing prodigy, has consistently shown his ability, but McLaren are emerging as a formidable contender.

Helmut Marko, Red Bull Racing’s motorsport consultant, acknowledges McLaren’s strength at the Suzuka circuit and is cautiously optimistic about Red Bull’s prospects.



Verstappen’s impressive display

Max Verstappen’s performance in the third and final free practice session at Suzuka left the competition more than two-tenths of a second behind. This formidable pace makes him the front-runner for pole position in the upcoming qualifying sessions.

While Verstappen’s dominance is remarkable, Marko is cautiously optimistic.




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The McLaren challenge

Marko openly admits that McLaren have shown their superiority in the fast corners of Suzuka, demonstrating their strength on this challenging track. The MCL60s, driven by McLaren’s talented drivers Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri, have shown exceptional performance.

It appears that the battle for pole position appears to be more fierce than initially expected, given McLaren’s strong performance in practice.

In particular, Marko highlights Max Verstappen’s ability to match McLaren’s pace in the first sector. Verstappen’s driving skills and adaptability make him a crucial asset for Red Bull Racing in their quest to maintain their dominance.

“McLaren is superior to us in the fast corners, we overtake them [again] in the slow corners. Only Max can keep up with them in first sector,” said Helmut Marko to Australia’s VT3 TV reporter.


McLaren add pressure to Norris



Red Bull’s race-day ambitions

While Marko acknowledges McLaren’s speed in practice, he remains confident about Red Bull’s race-day prospects. The RB19, with its proven capabilities, is expected to maintain a degree of dominance over the competition, even on used tyres. Marko believes that Red Bull Racing’s advantage in this regard will be a crucial factor in their quest for victory.

For Marko, the race for the podium beyond Red Bull Racing promises to be intriguing. Assuming Sergio Perez fulfils his role within the team, the final podium spot could become a battleground for the other teams.

“Even with the tyres used, we are clearly better than the rest,” said Marko

Marko insists that McLaren remain a notable contender in this race and have the potential to provide strong competition.


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McLaren’s secret challenge

Marko subtly hints at the undercurrent of competition from McLaren. He points out that McLaren’s race pace mirrors that of Red Bull Racing. If McLaren can maintain their race-day performance, they could emerge as a significant challenger, adding another layer of excitement to the Suzuka Grand Prix.

As the Suzuka Grand Prix unfolds, Formula One fans might be in for a treat. Red Bull Racing and McLaren, both formidable teams, are primed for a showdown that could redefine the narrative of the 2023 Formula 1 season.

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