Ex F1 boss has ‘Brutal’ answer to Ferrari’s biggest issue

Eddie Jordan, a former Formula 1 team principal renowned for his candid approach, has put forward a drastic solution to address Ferrari’s ongoing challenges; statements made just as Ferrari attempt to poach a senior Mercedes boss.

Ferrari’s team principal, Fred Vasseur, is embarking on an ambitious strategy aimed at enhancing the Scuderia’s technical prowess. Recent reports indicate that Vasseur has set his sights on securing the services of Mercedes’ performance director, Loic Serra, a move that could potentially reshape Ferrari’s competitive landscape by 2025.



Ferrari attempts to draw external talent

Esteemed German Formula 1 journalist Michael Schmidt has shed light on this prospective recruitment, suggesting that enlisting Serra could mark a pivotal turning point for the Italian team in their quest to regain their competitive dominance.

Speaking to AMUS, Schmidt elaborated on Vasseur’s vision for the team, highlighting the necessity for strategic alliances in steering Ferrari’s technical evolution.

“Fred Vasseur recognizes that true leadership, particularly within the technical realm, necessitates a network of collaborators,” Schmidt commented.

“Vasseur is acutely aware that his imprint on the team is still in its nascent stage. To truly make an impact, he must cultivate alliances beyond the immediate confines of the team.”

Schmidt elucidated, “The likely scenario points towards the acquisition of Loic Serra, the performance director at Mercedes. However, the actual timing might be set for 2025. Nevertheless, this doesn’t diminish its significance. Vasseur’s primary objective is to demonstrate tangible progress to his superiors.”


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Ex F1 boss has a ‘brutal’ answer

Meanwhile, former F1 boss Eddie Jordan believes that a far more “brutal” overhaul is required, coupled with drawing inspiration from the legacy of Michael Schumacher’s successful era; could be the key to reigniting the Scuderia’s championship hopes.

Ferrari, an iconic name in motorsport, has been grappling with a championship drought that stretches back to 2007 for drivers and 2008 for constructors. As current team principal Fred Vasseur endeavours to resurrect the team’s former glory, Jordan, a seasoned F1 figure who helmed his own team for over a decade, has offered his distinctive perspective.



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In the detail; Ferrari makes ‘silly mistakes’

During a guest appearance on the Formula For Success podcast, Jordan underscored the significance of fundamental principles and cultivating a winning ethos as the foundation for success.

Jordan, who possesses an unapologetically forthright demeanor, stated, “If I were leading the team, I would undoubtedly engineer a paradigm akin to the one Michael Schumacher instigated.”

Schumacher, the legendary F1 champion, orchestrated a transformation by assembling a core group of key figures, including Rory Byrne, Pat Symonds, and Jean Todt. Jordan argues that Ferrari’s current approach to leadership hierarchy may need recalibration.

“They are making silly mistakes that are affecting the team. I’m sorry, I’d be really quite brutal if I was in Ferrari, but I big-headedly think that I would actually turn it around a bit.”

While acknowledging the presence of exceptional engineers and senior staff such as Loic Serra are capable of devising top-tier engines and cars, Jordan emphasized the crucial aspect of refining intricate details to transform a competitive car into an outright winner.


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Ferrari need grass roots staff

He went on to assert, “Ferrari must tap into individuals with a holistic understanding of racing, those who have traversed the ranks from karting to Formula Three. The prevailing trend of appointing personnel lacking in-depth knowledge and experiential insights is giving rise to avoidable errors that undermine the team’s performance.”

Jordan, with characteristic candor, expressed his determination, saying, “Were I in Ferrari’s shoes, I would adopt a candidly ‘no-nonsense’ approach. I am confident that with the right strategy, I could substantially alter the trajectory.”

Presently, Ferrari occupies the fourth spot in the constructors’ standings, trailing behind Red Bull, Mercedes, and Aston Martin, following a mixed start to the current season.

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