Brad Pitts’ Formula 1 Movie ‘shut down’

The upcoming Brad Pitt movie about Formula 1 is expected to have a significant impact on the sport, similar to the popular Netflix series Drive to Survive, according to Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali. The F1 organization has provided unprecedented access to the production, allowing it to take over a pit garage and film cars on track between sessions at certain races. Unfortunately, a situation has arisen that will close down the shooting of the movie.

During the recent British Grand Prix at Silverstone, the film’s modified Formula 2 cars were placed at the back of the grid, and Brad Pitt and Damson Idris were given permission to join the national anthem ceremony alongside driver Max Verstappen. The film crew had a prominent presence in the paddock with a hospitality unit, truck, and temporary building for equipment storage.


The plan was that filming for the movie will continue at upcoming races, although logistical constraints may limit the scale of the production at certain venues, such as Zandvoort. Domenicali expressed his satisfaction with the initial filming at Silverstone, praising the quality of the production and the positive response from the F1 community.

The decision to create a fictional 11th team for the film, rather than featuring the stars driving for an existing outfit, was a deliberate choice to ensure fairness and maintain the integrity of the sport. Domenicali believes that the movie will elevate Formula 1 to new levels of popularity and awareness, citing the impact that platforms like Netflix and social media have had on the sport’s exposure.


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F1 CEO happy with the idea of movie

Domenicali also emphasized the importance of portraying Formula 1 in a positive light, with a storyline that captures the essence of the sport. Producer Lewis Hamilton has played a key role in ensuring the authenticity and credibility of the film, having deep knowledge of the sport’s intricacies.

Team principals are fully supportive of the movie project and anticipate positive outcomes for Formula 1. The professionalism of the film crew has been praised, and efforts were made to ensure that filming did not disrupt the normal functioning of the teams during race weekends.


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The film’s potential to generate widespread attention and serve as effective advertising for the sport has been recognized by team bosses. They believe that the timing of the movie is ideal, as Formula 1 is experiencing a surge in popularity worldwide.


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F1 Movie ‘shut down’

Unfortunately, the production for the movie has now been halted due to the ongoing strike by the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) in the United States. This strike, the first since 1980, is centered around issues of pay and the use of artificial intelligence in productions.

The strike has had a significant impact on the entertainment industry, with numerous high-profile projects being put on hold. Actors and screenwriters have walked out of media commitments and film sets as a result of the strike action.

Joseph Kosinski’s upcoming F1 film, in which Brad Pitt stars, has been directly affected by the strike as the actors involved are members of the SAG-AFTRA union. All filming for the movie has come to a halt, causing a delay in the production timeline.

“All filming is shut down for now,” a source close to the production told NBC News.

“Brad had really enjoyed himself, but he is definitely a very loyal member of the union.”


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The untitled F1 movie recently filmed scenes during the British Grand Prix weekend at Silverstone. Sets were created, including a mock 11th garage for a team called ‘APX GP’, and scenes were shot on the track between official sessions. Pitt and co-star Damson Idris were seen filming on the grid before the race.

While the film does not yet have a confirmed release date, it is expected that filming and production activities will remain on hold until a resolution is reached between the union and production companies. The strike’s impact on the entertainment industry has already slowed down film and TV production, and further delays are likely until a resolution is reached.




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  2. Things like this happen. Suing isn’t one of them so back off. The picture will get made. Patience is a virtue. Let it go. Love ya Brad. 😍

  3. Nevermind the writers are on strike too. I don’t see how this production can continue in this season. I work in films, and can honestly say, work has not slowed down. It has stopped. Period. Drive to survive will continue because it is unscripted reality. But anyone of any team who has garnered a SAG card or membership because of drive to survive must also not be on camera. Period. Dot.

  4. It was a stupid attempt by a fading F1 driver to produce a film where he can jerk off and show on screen events that never happened (after all a film has licence to project fiction,
    even absurd fiction) and gloat in the unreality that he is the best of them for all time.
    He might make some lolly, paid for by his demented fans who also wallow in the same unreality. I expect that the film will flop just like his driving. Unfortunately, he is no mood to listen to sane voices like his dad Anthony. But time and karma will send him into retirement and into a hole that he will not dare peep out of.

    • Your mom not giving you any attention is really not relevant to this film big man. Go cwy out your envy somewhere else.

      • Vijay! I wonder why you use the expression ” jerk off” in your comment. If someone has experience in a field, and make a movie about it that can contribute to make the film interesting compared to making a movie about a topic where noone on the set has knowledge from the field or on the topic. ” Jerk off” is an expression that doesn’t say much about the film in my opinion.

        I also wonder about the expression ” faded F1 driver.” Does that mean that having experience means you are faded.?

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