Horner: “Fundamental problem” with Hamilton contract

The saga of Lewis Hamilton’s new contract rolls on and on. Despite Mercedes’ boss Toto Wolff claiming to the media in February it was a matter of “a few hours” sitting down together, clearly both parties cannot agree a deal.

Hamilton interestingly shifted the goal posts from his regular approach to negotiating a new deal when he told assembled media at the 2022 USA Grand Prix he wanted a five year deal.



Hamilton unusal contract demands

Lewis has traditionally only negotiated contracts wit a length of two years based on the opportunity to increase his remuneration and beneficial terms on a more regular basis.

With Hamilton talking of a ,multi-year contract clearly he is concerned this will be his last F1 deal and wants to secure as long as possible as an option to drive in the world’s premier motorsport category.

At the press conference prior to the British Grand Prix Lewis again claimed he wished to be in F1 for five more years.



Wolff confirms issue is not money

Toto Wolff revealed that Lewis management team were scrutinising the minutia of the proposed contract. “They want to do it super, to every detail and sometimes you can have a situation where everything is carved out,” said the Austrian.

Hamilton confirmed to Sky F1, “This is not a money discussion at all. It is about the future, what is it that we want to do right and optimise? 

We’re not talking anything anymore about duration, money, all of that – it’s other topics.”

FIA indicate Andretti F1 entrance to be approved



Hamilton hints again at 5 years

Once again Lewis referred specifically to being in Formula One for five more years, though he sounded uncertain as to whether that Mercedes were offering this level of contract.

“Before the end of the season we’ll be already well into the contract. I still have 100 per cent faith in this team. I’m hoping to be here a lot longer. 

I feel like I’ve got another five years in me at least, no? Let’s see.”

Honda threaten another F1 exit



Horner says a “fundamental” problem exists

Christian Horner who is the longest serving team principal in Formula One believes all the signs point to there being a “fundamental” difference between Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton where the two sides disagree over something an neither will budge.

Asked for his thoughts on the the situation, Red Bull’s team principal Horner believes there must be an important point upon which the two sides disagree and have so far been unwilling to budge.

“It’s strange because we keep being told, and I keep seeing in the media, that it’s just a matter of days,” he told TalkSport.

”That’s been going on since February! So one can only assume that there is something fundamental that they can’t agree on,” mused Horner.

FIA president shuns Hamilton



Mercedes offering short term deal

With regard to Red Bull driver contracts Christian Horner states the team conduct these negotiations in private unlike th every public saga that has become the Mercedes/Hamilton negotiations.

“We don’t tend to conduct negotiations through the media. It is usually a couple of conversations around the table, and the job is done. 

“So I don’t understand why. There has to be something preventing it happening.”

The Daily Mail recently claimed a Mercedes source had revealed the team only wanted to offer Hamilton a relatively short contract while Lewis wanted a five year deal.

Russell blocking Hamilton demands


Russell blocking Hamilton deal

Further the British publication suggests George Russell has had his say on the matter and does not want to remain in Hamilton’s shadow year after year.

Russell may well have threatened to look elsewhere for an F1 driver if Hamilton out stays his welcome and is out of contract in just over a years time.

Prior to the British Grand Prix, Russell is 5-4 ahead of Hamilton in qualifying and given Lewis was heralded as the aster of a single lap in his pomp, Russell is staking a firm claim for his demands.

Further, over their time together as team mates, Russell has scored more points than Hamilton and claimed a Sprint and a race win for the team as well.

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