Verstappen’s agent dismisses rumours

It’s no secret that Max Verstappen has been a dominant force in Formula 1 in recent years. However, speculation has been swirling about the future of the Red Bull driver. Even Verstappen himself hinted at the possibility of seeking new adventures outside F1.

So, will Formula 1 soon have to bid farewell to Verstappen? Not according to his advisor, Raymond Vermeulen.



Verstappen hints about retiring

Max Verstappen is currently focused on securing his third consecutive world championship title in Formula 1. The Red Bull driver has a commanding lead in the drivers’ standings, with his teammate Sergio Perez unable to challenge him in the superior RB19.

Although Verstappen has a long-term contract with the Red Bull team, the 25-year-old has recently fueled speculation about potentially leaving Formula 1. When asked about the changes to Grand Prix weekends, including the increased use of sprint formats, he remarked in April, “I hope there won’t be too many changes, otherwise I won’t be around much longer.”

A few weeks later, he stated, “I love racing, that’s why I spend time on the simulator at home.” He added, “That’s the thing, I enjoy other types of racing as well, not just Formula 1.”


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Zero truth to the rumours

Rumours of a potential switch to a different racing series have already surfaced. However, according to Raymond Vermeulen, Verstappen’s agent, there is no truth to these speculations.

“Why would Max make a change now in this situation? We are not interested in that,” Vermeulen firmly rejected the rumors in Formula 1 Magazine.

 He emphasized that the racing world is now “a small world,” where everyone talks to each other. But Verstappen has a clear commitment to Red Bull until 2028.


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Moreover, there is currently no reason whatsoever for Verstappen to turn his back on the pinnacle of motorsport. “As you can see, Max is in the best phase of his career and he drives without pressure. Everyone has the same equipment and everyone can try to beat Max,” stressed Vermeulen, who has been working with the two-time world champion for many years and intends to continue doing so exclusively.

“I don’t have the time or energy for other things,” he added, underscoring the close relationship with the 25-year-old.

“Max is like family, like a friend. I’ve known him since he was born.”

For this reason, Vermeulen stated that it would be impossible for him to mentor another driver.

“I could never devote the same energy I give to Max to anyone else, and I won’t.”

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