“Theres’s more to it” – Paddock insider says Russell & Hamilton don’t like each other

Is there more to the Mercedes crash? In Barcelona, we saw another Mercedes crash, something many fans will be reminded of when in 2016 Hamilton and Rosberg collided in Spain. Yesterday we saw Lewis Hamilton and George Russell collide and the team plays down the incident in qualifying, but paddock insiders explain the risk of a huge inter team explosion.

Unlike the famous crash between silver enemies Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton on the opening lap of the 2016 Spanish GP, George Russell and Hamilton crashed into each other during qualifying on Saturday as the two British drivers collided at the start of their final fast lap in Q2 on the start-finish straight.


“Massive miscommunication”

“It was a massive miscommunication. I was just looking ahead to get a slipstream of Carlos. Then all of a sudden Lewis was there,” described Russell, who was not warned by the team on the radio but still received a warning from the stewards for his “abnormal change of direction”.




The Mercedes drivers are allowed to settle the incident among themselves and will do so. Nevertheless, Russell saw a need for discussion:

“We have to clarify internally how this could happen. Of course, it should never happen between teammates,” the 25-year-old admitted, but also explained:

“I don’t think there is anyone to blame. Lewis probably just didn’t know I was starting a lap. Fortunately, nothing much happened.”


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Wolff downplays incident

However, that’s not quite true: while Russell retired early in twelfth place after the incident, Hamilton battered his front wing in the action.

Although Hamilton made it to the next round and still managed to start fifth on the grid and even slipped back to fourth due to the penalty against Pierre Gasly, team boss Toto Wolff was still not thrilled:

“Of course, it doesn’t help when they crash into each other. Both thought that the other would finish the lap, but that shouldn’t be the case.” Nevertheless, the Austrian made it clear: “They don’t drive into each other’s car on purpose, that was a misunderstanding.”




Rosberg about Mercedes crash: “Reminds me of 2016″.

Nico Rosberg, who seven years ago was himself a protagonist in the Mercedes dispute in Barcelona, also sees the peace at his former team in jeopard:

“It reminds me a little of 2016: George didn’t want to let Lewis pass, but he apologised afterwards. But I think Lewis has to apologise too: Because he was behind, he has to be more careful on fast laps in qualifying in a situation like that,” said the German.

“It was unfortunate, but I think there will be serious discussions for sure. We must not forget that this rivalry at Mercedes is already intense: George is really full on, he pushes Lewis very hard,”

Rosberg also believes the pressure has increased in the Mercedes camp.


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Hamilton & Rosberg tension privately

Sky expert Ralf Schumacher, meanwhile, has a completely different interpretation of the accident between teammates than Wolff:

“George didn’t want to give Lewis a slipstream and closed the door. That is my analysis. The young challenger wants to replace the top dog,” Schumacher said, adding: “They don’t get along so well in private either…”




Hamilton plays down incident

Hamilton himself, however, played down the issue after qualifying: “It was just a misunderstanding. I assumed that George had aborted his lap and hit the gas. I was in his slipstream and he was on the right, so I assumed he was shadowing me and I went left. But then he suddenly pulled over again,” the former world champion described.

Hamilton was satisfied with the upgrades to his Mercedes, which had been overhauled since Monaco: “I was surprised that we are so far in front and that we are competing for the first row of the grid,” explained the British driver, who was less than a tenth of a second behind second-placed Sainz in Q3:

“I had oversteer in turn ten and easily lost two tenths. But I’m not bitterly disappointed about that now, I’m more encouraged because the car was much livelier today and we’re making progress.”


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Hamilton praises Schumacher

Hamilton praised not only himself, but also the work of reserve driver Mick Schumacher:

“I sat at the track until eleven o’clock at night yesterday to find out where we can still make up time. We also did a great job with the overnight analysis,” Hamilton revealed.

It was Schumacher, of all people, who had a much later closing time on Friday in the simulator at the Mercedes factory in Brackley, the German did his laps until the early hours of the morning before being flown to Barcelona on Saturday morning.

As usual, Schumacher followed the qualifying session at the bridge of command in the Mercedes pit next to team boss Wolff and junior manager Jerome D’Ambrosio. His big moment will come at the Pirelli tyre test on Wednesday, Mick will then be allowed to drive the current Mercedes in Barcelona.



3 responses to ““Theres’s more to it” – Paddock insider says Russell & Hamilton don’t like each other

  1. They’re both hard for anyone to like, let alone each other.

    Hamilton, as I recall, also managed to collide with Jenson Button in the Canadian GP of 2011 when they were team mates at McLaren.

    Button (whom it would be hard for anyone NOT to like) survived the incident and went on to win the race.

  2. Hamilton is a GOAT in the art of collisions. He can cause maximum damage to his adversary while getting away with minimal effect on his car. It is a god-given gift, honed and developed during years of karting and driving in Formulas.

    Poor George. He was such a fine young man with all good qualities and great driving skill. But once he got to MB, he imbibed all their political skills, not to mention their evilness. He had two masters from whom to learn. By now, he would have realized that there will be mischief with his car. He will never be allowed to beat Hamilton and has to wait for Hamilton to retire which seems a long way off. Poor Georgie, his F1 career will be over by then. What a sad end!

  3. I think we need to cut George a bit of slack at the moment as he is still learning the art of being a ‘Wingman’

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