Schumacher predicts “catastrophe”

Harsh criticism from the ex-Formula 1 driver as Ralf Schumacher predicts “catastrophe”. Ex-Formula 1 drivre Ralf Schumacher has once again voiced harsh criticism of the motorsport decision-makers in Germany. The brother of Michael Schumacher sees a bleak future.

No Formula 1 race in Germany, plus only one regular driver in Nico Hülkenberg and only one manufacturer in Mercedes: that’s how the present looks from a German perspective in the top class of motorsport. According to Ralf Schumacher, the future is even more worrying.

“It’s a catastrophe,” the 180-time F1 starter launched into a downright roundabout way to Germany’s Motorsport-Magazin during the presentation of his new cosmetics line in Munich: “We’ve done ourselves in for the world in terms of motorsport. And with our eyes wide open.”

Schumacher had “pointed this out several times in the past, but obviously it wasn’t I wanted to come to pass”.


“We no longer have Formula One races and …”

The biggest problem from the German point of view, according to Schumacher: the sale of Formula 3.

“Formula 3 was the gateway to Formula 1 and, as the supporting programme of the DTM, a focal point of German motorsport, also for international drivers. Now Germany has become interchangeable,” argued the 47-year-old: “Why should one still do motorsport here? Quite the opposite: karting and Formula 4 racing takes place in Italy.”


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No more young talent in Germany

There is no improvement in sight, said the six-time Grand Prix winner: “For me, the train ‘Formula youngsters’ has sailed.” Formula racing is “finished” in Germany for the next few years.

So a young driver who wants to start in karting today would have to go to Italy. “And once he is there, he stays in Italy.”

Schumacher also put his finger on the current state of affairs: “We don’t have any Formula 1 races any more and with Mercedes we only have one German manufacturer, although with Audi a second one will come along. Mercedes picks up people regardless of where they come from, which is right.

“But Mercedes does not promote young talent in the classic sense.”

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