Ferrari engineer questions Vasseur appointment

Ferrari are taking a different approach to Mercedes in their Formula One car development this season. While the silver arrows team are about to reinvent the wheel, if Toto Wolff is to be believed, the Ferrari drivers and team management have repeatedly suggested they are trying to understand their car better rather than throw multiple upgrades at the SF-23.

For many F1 observers Vasseur was a surprise appointment for the Scuderia and his swift appointment leads further credence to the notion that Binotto jumped ship rather than was pushed.



Ferrari engineer questions Vasseur appointment

Now former Ferrari engineer Luigi Mazzola reveals his views on the appointment when speaking to Quotidiano Motori.

“I’m sorry, but I think Vasseur has the wrong approach when it comes to the problems at Ferrari,” says Mazzola.

“And I say that with full knowledge of the facts.

“Now I fear that (Charles) Leclerc will not renew his contract.”

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“Maranello needs a technical director”

Back in 2021 Mazzola wrote that Ferrari was lacking a dominant leader like Luca di Montezemolo or Jean Totd and Ross Brawn. He now believes the team also missing a key skill set.

“Maranello has been missing a technical director for years. Too many years.”

Binotto was more of a technical man than Vasseur though when promoted to team principal his time was spent managing rather than doing.

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Vasseur ‘no Jean Todt’

Ferrari aficionados yearn for a repeat of the glory years when Jean Todt, Ross Brawn and Michael Schumacher were winning titles year after year and Mazzola is no different.

“Let’s give him [Vasseur] some time,” reflects Mazzola. “

“But I’m not sure he can match Jean Todt. He shares the French passport with his illustrious predecessor – we’ll see about the rest.”

“But Todt had already won everything at Peugeot before going to Maranello. What has Vasseur won in his career?”

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LeClerc the new Jean Alesi

Vasseur did team up with Nicholas Todt to form the ART Grand Prix junior formula team winning the GP2 championship with Nico Rosberg (2005) and Lewis Hamilton (2006).

Luigi Mazzola is concerned the ongoing situation at Ferrari will cost them their star young driver.

“Leclerc is at risk of becoming the new (Jean) Alesi,” said the Italian, who joined Ferrari in 1988.

“I saw Alesi’s professional torture up close because during five long years at Ferrari he never had a car for a world championship.

“Maybe it wouldn’t be wrong to give Leclerc a technical director that matches his talent.”



LeClerc talking to other teams

Rumours began two weeks ago in the Italian media that LeClerc is open to conversations with other teams. Even Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has admitted LeClerc was on Mercedes’ “radar”.

Though when asked directly in Miami whether he’d opened talks with Mercedes, Charles created further drama by replying “not yet.”

LeClerc is contracted to Ferrari until the end of 2024 though paddock whispers make it clear that the Monegasque driver is very unhappy at present with his place in Maranello.

The question is how long will the proud tradition of the prancing horse suffer a driver who is patently demotivated and longs to be driving elsewhere.

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