Insider advises Hamilton: “Get out of Mercedes”

The record champion should ‘reinvent’ himself elsewhere as Formula 1 ‘insider’ advises Hamilton that he needs to “get out of Mercedes” just like he exited McLaren all those years ago.

And yet, Hamilton has often confirmed that he sees his future at the top end of the motor-racing world with Mercedes AMG F1. Further, team boss Toto Wolff has already made it very clear that Hamilton’s contract is only a formality and will resolve.

“I’ve been working with Lewis for eleven years now, and every time a contract expires, the speculation starts,” Wolff explained recently on the sidelines of the Miami GP.

“But we always handle it the same way, we work on it quietly, it’s really just changing a few numbers and a few times, but it’s all in the doing and it’s just a matter of time before we sign it then.” 


Wolff confident

“I don’t think Lewis will leave Mercedes,” Wolff explained, basing this not least on himself:

“He is at a stage in his career where we trust each other. We have built up this close relationship with each other and we have no doubts about each other, even if we are going through a difficult phase sporting-wise. But it will be so nice when we can finally get out of this valley of tears and deliver strong performances again.”



This mess happened on his watch

“This all happened on his watch,” says former Formula 1 team boss Eddie Jordan, who sharply criticises Toto Wolff, the Mercedes boss as for the second F1 year in a row failing to deliver a competitive package.

These words were uttered back in March by Jordan, who didn’t pull any punches following on from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

“I criticise Toto Wolff for the way he criticises his engineers and how they got distracted. This all happened under his supervision, so it is his responsibility,” the former team boss tells OLBG when making his review of the Saudi race weekend.

He demanded that: “Wolff should take the criticism like a man, like a team boss, like a chairman and face the fact that Mercedes didn’t get it right.”


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Hamilton should leave

Time and again the question is asked how long the British driver will be content with the prospect of a failing Mercedes team. Even Wolff had said that he would “not be angry” if Hamilton went to another team. A statement Jordan found astonishing.

“What would I think if I were Hamilton? Am I really loved there?”, says the Irishman, “The Mercedes is not good enough for Hamilton,” he says, and suggests that he should change:

“Hamilton should look for another world champion team.”



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Hamilton needs to ‘reinvent’ himself

Obviously, back in March, it was clear that there were likely few options for a competitive alternative team, and this conclusion is even more concrete now, three Grand Prix later.

So Jordan has developed his advice somewhat saying Lewis Hamilton should stop chasing Mercedes.  The 75-year-old believes that his British compatriot should urgently reorientate himself after the current season in order not to have to write off the world championship title for the fourth year in a row.


In his Formula For Success podcast with F1 legend David Coulthard, Jordan said he was worried about Hamilton and hoped he would soon find happiness again.

“He has to get out of there to do that,” said the ex-team boss, who was responsible for Michael Schumacher’s F1 debut in 1991, referring to Mercedes.

“He has to move on!” concluded Jordan.

“Just like he did at McLaren back in the day,” added the Irishman, clearly directed at the 38-year-old:

“Move on from Mercedes, Lewis!” and “Reinvent yourself somewhere else.”

Where Hamilton should move to, however, Jordan did not mention. Most recently, the seven-time world champion had been repeatedly linked to Ferrari.

But even the Scuderia is currently unable to keep up with Formula 1 high flying Red Bull.


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Jordan Admits Mistake in Assessment

Meanwhile, Jordan would not have thought that Hamilton (also) finished behind George Russell last season. Not because Hamilton was so weak, but because Russell performed so strongly.

“I misjudged him,” the former team boss admitted. The fact that Mercedes brought in the then-Williams driver had surprised him.

But: “He absolutely blew me away.” The young driver was “a super signing”,

Jordan continued. “I admit: I was wrong.” Russell scored 275 points in the drivers’ standings last year (fourth), while Hamilton ended up with 240 points and sixth place.

“I never thought he would do what he does and I never thought he would beat Lewis,” Jordan said.

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