F1 first, ‘ever so close’

In modern history, its rare to see two Formula One champion drivers compete as team mates yet the most recent examples have each included Fernando Alonso.

The Spaniard competed alongside Jenson Button during the 2015 season as they both attempted in vain to haul an uncompetitive McLaren around each F1 venue.



Fernando and Kimi race as champions for Ferrari

During the previous season, Alonso had partnered the 2007 champion Kimi Raikkonen during his swan song year of the failed partnership with Ferrari.

Just prior to the start of this years testing there was hope another F1 dream team would be created for the first time. Following Lance Stroll’s training accident which left the Canadian with a broken toe and wrists the first thought of every F1 fan was “will Aston Martin bring back Sebastian Vettel?”

This would see the first multiple F1 champions in the same team for the first time ever and the reality was closer than many believed possible.

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Aston Martin “100%” considered Vettel for Stroll

Speaking on the F1 Nation podcast, Aston Martin principal Mike Krack reveals the team “100%” considered approaching Vettel.

Yet when pressed as to what happened Krack disappointingly admitted they never made the call to their former driver. 

“Because we have such a high respect for Sebastian and his decision that he made at the time that I think it would not have been correct even to us,” Krack explained.



Vettel congratulated Aston Martin for podium

“We wanted to respect the way he was and we didn’t want to put him in any difficult position.”

The team have been in touch with their former driver as the team principal admits freely. “We were in touch for the new year obviously,” Krack said. 

“But then also, Sebastian was Sebastian. [He was] congratulating us, very gentleman [like], on our first podium in Bahrain.”

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Vettel influential in Aston’s success

Krack graciously reminded Vettel he was part of the journey to that podium, “I always said to him ‘you know, this is also your merit’ because he brought us really one step up over the previous two years.”

“He brought us up in a lot of areas where we have learned a lot and we have progressed a lot. So he has certainly [played] his part in where we are now.

Mike reveals Vettel is still conformable with his decision to retire but doesn’t allude to any ironic exchanges over the opportunity provided by Stroll’s accident.

Vettel was last seen in public at the Champion of Champions event in January, the title of which he claimed back in 2015.

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