Hamilton: “Mercedes must admit they didn’t listen to me”

Lewis Hamilton is furious with his Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 team after the season opener in Bahrain, as the British driver apparently warned against a continuation of the ‘zero-pod’ concept, and indeed wanted many changes to the car but now says the team didn’t listen to me.

“Last year I was telling them what the problems were with the car,” Hamilton told the BBC. “I’ve driven so many cars in my life that I know what a car needs and what it doesn’t need.”


It is Hamilton’s view, it was now “up to our designers and aerodynamicists to take responsibility and admit I was right.”

“I enjoyed it. I like racing. I didn’t bounce. My brain is still intact, my teeth are still in my mouth and my back doesn’t hurt,”

“I’ve had a lot of these types of battles, especially in my time at McLaren. I don’t know when and how we will do this, but we have to change this. It has to happen.”


For Hamilton, it is quite clear that “we need to check the balance in the corners, find all the weak points,”


Told you so…

Team boss Toto Wolff has already announced that they will radically rebuild the W14 in an effort to placate his seven time F1 champion, but this isn’t enough for Hamilton who laid it all out to the BBC.

“Last year, I told my team all sorts of things. I told what all the problems were. I have driven so many race cars in my life. I know what a car needs and what a car doesn’t need.”


“It’s about responsibility,” he continued.

“It’s about admitting and saying ‘you know, we didn’t listen to you, the car is not where it should be’. We need to work on that. On the balance in the corners and all the other weaknesses,”


“We have to put our heads together as a team. That’s what we are doing. We are still multiple champions, but this time we just missed the mark. Last year too, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do well in the end,”

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4 responses to “Hamilton: “Mercedes must admit they didn’t listen to me”

  1. What UTTER MADE UP BOLLOCKS, as his fans would attest that waste of space lummox spent all season last year apparently doing car development, and this is what your seeing this season. So it’s clear to see he lacks the ability, skill and technical knowledge to do what is required to make the car a winner. Ever since nikki lauda died merc haven’t been winning as it was Laudas skills and that driving the development. THIS IS WHY HAMMY WILL NEVER BE THE TRUE GOAT of the sport as last season was clear he’s nothing but a mediocre driver in a car that any donkey with a licence would have been a champion. And as of usual he uses his skin tone to his advantage to get his own way. And complete useless sites like this make up fictitious crap to make him.sound like he’s hard done by.

  2. If Luis feels so strongly about “his team” and how ” they ” should apologise to him, then he should change the nature of the relationship. Currently he is not an employee of Mercedes but a contract worker. On that basis no one owes him anything nor can he make demands. This would hold true for all F1 drivers.
    They are contractually bound to render a service for reward. They are their to do their bit for the team to succeed. F1 is a team sport and the teams are not their to fulfill the personal aspirations of contracted workers. If their aims are realised that’s fine but it’s not the reason for the teams existence.

  3. By God, how hamilton changes his tune to suit himself. First “We don’t make mistakes”.
    Then “We win and lose together”. And now this!
    It is clear whom hamilton blames indirectly – Wolff. The long honeymoon between hamilton and wolff is over. It is now a matter of time before we see the back of this execrable person.

  4. Loves himself. So glad I don’t have to listen to his voice and watch him on the podiums anymore.

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