Stewart would prefers Russell or Norris over Hamilton in 2023

“Great Britain now has three of the best drivers in the world.” is the opinion of Jackie Stewart who continues to heap praise on Hamilton, but would prefer to see George Russell or Lando Norris take the title this year. The former champion believes that in the trio, Britain has the most talented drivers in the field.

The Mercedes duo are evenly matched, and although Russell has managed to overtake his team-mate in the championship standings, the feeling is that with a good car, the battle between the team-mates will really begin. Norris finished seventh in the championship with the McLaren and will also benefit from a strong car from the team to challenge for wins and even the championship.


In the Express newspaper, Stewart takes a closer look at the talent coming from the UK.

“There is a great collection of people at the moment. We have three of the best drivers in the world in Britain now,” says the 83-year-old.

The fact that Mercedes is officially a German team irks Stewart a little, but ultimately the team is based in Brackley.

“You’ve got Lewis, who unfortunately has won time and time again with a German car company. But that German car company have all their Formula One cars built in [Brackley] because Britain is the technology capital of motorsport,” he observes.


While few, if any, would doubt the talent of the three, the question is whether they have a car capable of challenging for titles. Should the car be there, Stewart is hoping for another British champion.

“Our young British drivers today, I would love to see one of them win the championship this season. It would be fantastic,” said Stewart.





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    • How ridiculous to brand him a racist just because he does not like someone…..sounds like you have a HUGE chip on both shoulders!

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