Schumacher camp drops bombshell on Hamilton’s future

Lewis Hamilton will be looking to improve on his worst season in Formula One, 2022. He will be joined by George Russell, but also by Mick Schumacher, who has just been appointed third driver in the Mercedes team. But for the German’s uncle, one thing could push Hamilton to pack his bags and make way for Schumacher.

Lewis Hamilton will be desperate to win back the title that has been left to Max Verstappen for the past two seasons. The British driver is hoping to add an eighth title to his list of honours and become the most successful driver in history, one ahead of Michael Schumacher. In 2023, he will race with the German legend’s son Mick, who has been recruited by the Silver Arrows as a third driver.

At the moment, it is hard to see how he could get a seat at the end of the season, given that Lewis Hamilton wants to extend his contract and George Russell is the future of Mercedes. But for Ralf Schumacher, Mick’s uncle, Hamilton could leave the team at the end of the season. 


“Something could happen at Mercedes”

If George Russell does better than Lewis Hamilton next season, the latter could reconsider his future according to Ralf Schumacher.

A godsend for Mick, who otherwise could bounce back to Audi in 2026.

“Audi would certainly be a good choice, both for Mick and for Audi. But something could also happen at Mercedes. Let’s imagine that George Russell is once again faster than Lewis Hamilton. Would he want to continue?

“That would be exciting. But Lewis has so much clout at Mercedes that he could decide for himself. In any case, it won’t be about money for him. He has more than enough.

“The key will be who fits the new car best. Hamilton is still a top driver, but he is not young anymore.

“The weight of the years is starting to show, so you never know. I think it could be a win-win situation for the team and for Mick,” Ralf Schumacher said.




“There could be some interesting possibilities in 2024.”

Mick Schumacher could also have the opportunity to join Mercedes’ customer teams such as Aston Martin, McLaren and even Williams.

“Toto Wolff has already said that Mick deserves to be a starter because of his skills. I think there could be some interesting opportunities in 2024. Mercedes could also have influence on its partner teams”, said the young driver’s uncle.




11 responses to “Schumacher camp drops bombshell on Hamilton’s future

  1. It’s always been true that if your teammate beats you you need to find a different ride.

    Shumacher is nobody’s teammate, and Ralph is a has-been never-been naysayer.

    It’ll be a Hamilton/Russell situation. All the other people wagging their lips are just wasting precious oxygen.

  2. Hamilton days are numbered he don’t have the passion no more for racing because he thinks he is untouchable perhaps if he focuses on is racing instead of pointing is finger at every one blaming everyone else for is diabolical preformens he might win the world championship butt the way he is at the moment it’s not going to happen

    • Yeah he don’t[sic] have the passion … on is[sic] racing… of pointing is[sic] finger at every one[sic] … for is[sic]… butt[sic]… it’s [what?] not going to happen.

      I really try to make out what illiterate people are saying so I can respond, but I honestly don’t know what it is you are saying. Lewis isn’t pointing any fingers. “His” has an “h” in it. “Everyone” is one word, and whatever you think “It’ Is that isn’t going to happen is not clear. Get help.

  3. What a day dream lol….Mick may need more cars to finish the seasons as per his collision rates

    • Spot on. Mick is talentless and doesn’t fit in, just like his uncle who was jealous of his brother Michael. Media keeps elevating this young useless fellow who dismally failed at Haas.

  4. “the title that has been left” to Verstapen over the last two years is pretty loose language to describe, according to my analysis, the best driver in the modern era. No doubt biased Poms and others may disagree.

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