Rosberg ranks Russell now ahead of Hamilton

Nico Rosberg is the only driver in Formula One history treat Lewis Hamilton to a world title as his team mate and for many though Mercedes dominated the 2016 season, the on and off track battles between the two were epic. Mind games and on track trickery were present at each F1 venue. At times Toto Wolff looked as though he’d lost control of his drivers as the battle played out.

Rosberg how lives in Monaco where he won the Grand Prix three years in a row between 2013-2015 has a camera in tow as he drives the streets of his home town listing his top 5 drivers of the 2025 season.

His obvious choice for number one is Max Verstappen who won record 15 races in the 22 event long season.

However, some of his other choices may be a little surprising for some.


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  1. Jeez, I stopped reading after a couple of sentences. Please proof read your article before you publish!

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