Vettel return to Red Bull

Motorsport advisor Helmut Marko thinks an F1 comeback to Red Bull for Sebastian Vettel, outside the cockpit, is entirely possible. Comments made by team boss Christian Horner appears to back this move up as the British man praises the German’s ‘people skills’.

After Sebastian Vettel’s Formula 1 retirement, his long-time Red Bull team boss Christian Horner praised him as a captivator of people.

“He always came with chocolates for the secretaries and receptionists. He cared about people, after all this is a people sport,” Horner, 49, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur about their time together at Red Bull.


“He was immensely popular here because he made an effort and realised that people make the difference. He invested in them and they invested in him.”

Vettel, 35, comes from the Red Bull junior team and drove for Red Bull in Formula One from 2009 to 2014, becoming world champion four times during that time.

“He is a special person and has done an incredible job. What he has achieved in the past is sometimes underestimated because the last few years have been a bit barren for him. But when you think he’s won four titles and then the pole positions and all the wins, he’s the fourth most successful driver of all time, unbelievable,” Horner pointed out.



Marko confirms talks between Red Bull & Vettel

Marko reconfirmed that he had a conversation with Vettel that “if he were to get a position in the top management of the company, he would definitely be interested.” said the Austrian about Vettel.

A management position at Red Bull would likely suit Vettel, as it would mean he could continue to use his voice on a large platform to promote several campaigns and communities.

Marko is convinced that a combination of motorsport and climate protection “would appeal to him. That’s what emerged in the conversation.”

“We had a conversation and if he could get a top management position, that would appeal to him. That became clear during the conversation. He would certainly have the potential and the personality for it, but for now we’ll let him plant a few trees.”


In the meantime, Vettel himself hasn’t ruled out sticking around the paddock.

“I can’t ignore the fact that I have a lot of heart and soul for motorsport and am very close to the sport,” said Vettel, ahead of the season finale, hinting that the German is not done with Formula 1 at all.

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