Red Bull slams Ferrari

Helmut Marko slams Ferrari; does not understand the changes as the senior Red Bull advisor looks back on the 2022 Formula 1 season and explains that stability in the Red Bull and Mercedes teams will be an advantage over Ferrari. 

Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko said he did not understand the change at the helm of Scuderia Ferrari, believing it could destabilise the team in the face of its two main rivals, Red Bull and Mercedes, who have opted for stability.


The Austrian advisor began by looking back at the 2022 season and Red Bull’s dominance with 17 wins in 22 races over a promising but quickly overtaken Ferrari team.



Ferrari made mistakes

“We certainly benefited from Ferrari’s strategic mistakes, bad luck on their side, engine failures,” Marko told Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport.

“During the season they developed the car in such a way that the tyres were under more and more pressure.”

“That’s why we were so confident about our chances. I think the 46-point deficit after the third race also created a ‘now more than ever’ atmosphere among us.”



With the death of Red Bull’s founder and chairman Dietrich Mateschitz in October and his replacement, changes within the world champion team’s organisation could have been expected during the break but they were not.

“Everything remains calm at home. Initial discussions have taken place with our new boss, Mr. Mintzlaff, and everyone agrees that it wouldn’t make sense to rebuild a successful package like Red Bull Racing.”



Doesn’t understand what Ferrari is doing

Marko goes on to explain that he doesn’t quite understand the change of main team at his main competitor in 2022, Ferrari. Indeed, Mattia Binotto, at the head of the Scuderia since 2019, resigned at the end of November. He will be replaced by the former Alfa Romeo team boss, Frenchman Fred Vasseur.



“In the case of Ferrari, I don’t really understand the change. I consider Binotto to be an excellent technician and politician.

“He was simply overwhelmed by the task. But it would have been enough to provide him with a sporting director who would support him on the track and in strategy. With the new man, who has many other jobs, I see this as a weakening for Ferrari.”



Mercedes most stable team in F1

With continuity in the teams, the Red Bull advisor believes that it is Mercedes and Red Bull who could do well against a destabilised Ferrari team. When asked, who he fears most next year between Mercedes and Ferrari, the Austrian replied laconically, “Clearly, it’s Mercedes, the most stable team.”

“And they have Hamilton. Even though he may have declined this year, he is still an exceptional driver. Meanwhile, his lap times have repeatedly shown what a top man he is. All this makes for a much stronger package than Ferrari,” concluded the Austrian.

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