Red Bull’s plans for Newey retirement

Adrian Newey has been responsible for the Red Bull Racing team’s many successful cars in recent years, indeed the designer has been with the team from, more or less, the beginning of its existence. The British technical head is an indispensable link to success, but he’s certainly no spring chicken at the age of 65. Team boss Christian Horner has been thinking about the future.

Newey is now 65 years old and has been responsible for all of Red Bull Racing’s champion cars for Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel. It’s fair to say that the British designer has been considered a leading player within international motorsport for several decades but slowly his retirement is getting closer, at Red Bul they have already fairly divided the tasks and Pierre Wache has been the technical director for some time.



Newey won’t get bored

Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner says they have already thought about Newey’s retirement. Speaking to Speedcafe, he indicated that Newey already has many other duties as well:

“It is indeed something we have already looked at and discussed for a long period,” said Horner when asked about Newey’s possible retirement from F1,

“Adrian’s role did evolve in the last period. Especially now that we also have Red Bull Advanced Technologies as part of the company.

“The RB17 was announced earlier this year, so he is dividing his time between multiple projects.”


In the past Red Bull has managed to retain the quirky designer when other teams failed. Notorious for getting bored, the Austrian team has always been able to offer Newey employment doing other things such as designing America’s Cup racing yachts.

No doubt the team will have something up their sleeve ready for when Newey first utters the word ‘retirement’.

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