Schumacher comments on Ferrari turmoil

Ex-Formula 1 driver and brother of F1 legend Michael, Ralf Schumacher sees the change of leadership at Ferrari from Mattia Binotto to ex-Alfa Romeo team boss Frédéric Vasseur as a great opportunity, but also a risk for the Scuderia.

The veteran racing driver stressed to Sky Germany that he fundamentally congratulates the Italians on their decision to choose Vasseur as their new team boss.

“I think Fred can contribute something, for example this discipline that he has. He has also managed junior teams from scratch,” said Mick Schumacher’s uncle about the 54-year-old, who will take up his new post in January.


Schumacher had learned that Vasseur was “not the number one candidate” at Ferrari as Binotto’s successor. Nevertheless, he believes the Frenchman can quickly make a name for himself at the Scuderia.

“He has the backing, is financially absolutely independent and hard-nosed in his decisions,” says the ex-Formula 1 driver.



“Leclerc has always suffered Sainz / Binotto culture”

However, the start with the Italian historic racing team also poses some risks for Vasseur, Schumacher added in the interview with the TV station:

“It will be difficult to get used to the culture that prevails at Ferrari. To stand up to that, that will certainly take a bit of time.”

Dealing with the two regular drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will also be important, the 47-year-old said.

The moderation between the two drivers was not always unproblematic during the times of Mattia Binotto, as Schumacher emphasised:

“Mattia Binotto was always considered a bit of a fan of Carlos Sainz, whom he had also brought in. Charles Leclerc always suffered a little from that. That’s different now. But in the end it’s the performance that counts.”



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