Russell comments on beating Hamilton

For his first year at Mercedes, George Russell could have expected better. But the German team had a rather tricky season, especially with the new regulations. Nevertheless, the British driver finished the season ahead of Lewis Hamilton. As a result, the 24-year-old driver believes he had the best Formula 1 season of his career.

In the last decade, Mercedes was the dominant team in F1. But this year, the German team has had a very difficult season with the introduction of the new regulations. Mercedes was unable to compete seriously with Ferrari and Red Bull. Lewis Hamilton was therefore naturally relegated to the lower order. The seven-time world champion was even beaten by his teammate George Russell, who finished the season in fourth place.



“This season the best season of my career”

In fact, George Russell believes that this season was the best of his career, as he was at Williams before 2022.

“It’s all relative in the end, because this season is still the best season of my career. We had a lot of podiums, and I think we had a lot of really good races. I think we have to take the positives out of…I’m not going to call it a difficult situation, but on the performance side we are not where we want to be.

“But we can’t just sit here and sulk and be upset about everything,” the Mercedes driver explained.



“We have a good relationship with Hamilton.”

In 2023, will things should be different for the German team? Mercedes’ cars is alledged be much more efficient. And if this proves true in comparison to the rest of the field, will this cause an internal rivalry between George Russell and Lewis Hamilton?

“We have no reason to be in conflict and we have a good relationship. We have to respect each other and I think that was the case in Mexico for example.

“We know how important it is for the whole team. If our relationship starts to break down, it will affect them and us. I think we can continue to build on that and our relationship will probably get stronger as time goes on,” replied the 24-year-old driver.

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2 responses to “Russell comments on beating Hamilton

  1. Ever since he joined Williams I always felt George was the most joined up and grown up of all the drivers on the circuit. He does not do BS or drama ands not one to throw his toys out the window like some.

  2. George Russell has the potential of becoming. WDC …..and hope he knocks MV off ……..perhaps Adrian Newey can get things right before he comments The rules and regulations were altered to go in favour of RB who only has 1 legal WDC to his name Last year was illegal and there was concrete evidence that this was manipulation , and to top it all they breached the cost cap proving RB was 💯guilty of breeching rules in 21 at Aba Dhabi .

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