Binotto linked to Mercedes or Alpine?

The Italian media claim to have identified a number of potential employers following the departure of team boss Mattia Binotto from the Ferarri Formula 1 team.

For some weeks now, rumours have suggested an imminent departure of Mattia Binotto and this is now official information published by the Italian team, which indicates that a process is underway to identify a new Ferrari director ahead of the 2023 Formula 1 season which starts next March.


“With regret, I have decided to conclude my collaboration with Ferrari,” Mattia Binotto said in an official statement.

“I am leaving a company that I love, of which I have been a part for 28 years, with the serenity that comes from the conviction that I have done everything I could to achieve the objectives set.”

“I am leaving a united and growing team. A solid team, ready, I am sure, to achieve the highest goals, to whom I wish the best for the future.”

“I think it is right to take this step at such a difficult time as this decision has been for me. I would like to thank all the people at Gestione Sportiva who have shared this journey with me, made up of difficulties but also of great satisfaction.”



Binotto at Mercedes?

Following the departure of Binotto from Ferrari, the Italian media claim to have identified a number of potential employers for the 53-year-old. The Corriere dello Sport even sees Binotto in the employ of Mercedes: Toto Wolff has always had good relations with the Italo-Swiss and needs a team boss at his side in future to be able to devote more time to the business.


In the past years, Mercedes had signed several former Ferrari engineers, among them Aldo Costa, mastermind James Allison and Lorenzo Sassi.



Alpine and Sauber Audi jobs

According to Corriere, the Renault group with its chairman Luca De Meo is also interested in Binotto, who could entrust his long-time companion with the management of the Alpine team. It is also conceivable that Binotto will move to Alfa Romeo as team boss and accompany Audi’s entry into Formula 1 in the medium term.


Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, meanwhile, thanked Binotto for the collaboration. “We have experienced four exciting years together with some successes and challenges,” said Leclerc, who wished Binotto “much success and all the best”.



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