Surprising statement from Wolff about Hamilton

This season, Max Verstappen’s supremacy of Formula 1 has been unquestionable, while Mercedes has never been able to compete with Red Bull, who have been far too superior this year. For the first time in his career, legend Lewis Hamilton did not win a Grand Prix and finished 6th overall, behind his compatriot and teammate George Russell. Despite this obvious failure, Toto Wolff remains a great admirer of Hamilton and thanks him for his efforts by offering a surprising statement in the press.

If the suspense was total during the last season when Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton fought an epic duel until the last Grand Prix, there was no match this year. The Dutchman dominated the grid with 15 victories, while Lewis Hamilton was content with nine podiums, without ever scoring a top spot. A first since the beginning of his career. 



Toto Wolff praises Hamilton

Despite a failed season, the British driver will appreciate the tribute paid by Mercedes’ executive director Toto Wolff as his boss aims to keep his former F1 champion happy.

“For me, knowing him [Hamilton] for ten years from a personal point of view, and from a human point of view, [he has been] exceptional. Exceptional, better than any performance he’s ever done in the car. For me, his attitude and his mindset this year has been exceptional,” explained Toto Wolff in a statement reported by



Hamilton at the service of the team

While his talent as a driver is undeniable, as evidenced by his seven world championship titles, Lewis Hamilton has distinguished himself this season by his total dedication to his team alludes Toto Wolff:

“I think he has been very, very good this year. You would have expected a World Champion who has had the title taken away from him to come back and try to crush everyone else.” says Wolff who appears keen to point out that Verstappen had ‘taken’ the 8th title.


“But we didn’t give him a good enough car to do that. With his energy, he supported us sometimes, when morale was low, in the briefing room, and on days when it was difficult for him.

“This particular record, I don’t think it was very important. It was more about helping to set the stage for the next season. The partnership with George was very good, and they developed the car together.”

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3 responses to “Surprising statement from Wolff about Hamilton

    • Toto
      We havent given the best car to Lewis
      The question is
      Was Russels car better or he was better than Lewis
      Do you really need better car to beat your team mate
      Max didnt have better car than Lewis previous years but he managed to pull few victories
      This year with better car he was dominant,his team mate not even close
      Not surprised

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