Hill explains why Schumacher failed

Mick Schumacher’s Formula 1 career is on hold for the time being. After his exit from Haas F1, the 23-year-old is only left with the role of a replacement driver in order to be present in the top flight in 2023 . Former world champion Damon Hill believes he knows why the German could not assert himself at the US racing team.

Why Mick Schumacher could not completely convince Haas of his qualities in 43 Formula 1 races can only be speculated. Former Formula One world champion Damon Hill does just that and described his theory in the “F1 Nation” podcast.


Hülkenberg “has had some impressive comebacks”

Hill is convinced that Mick Schumacher’s lack of experience was his undoing. There are simply things you only learn after years in the sport, the British former champ said.

“And Nico Hülkenberg has done that. That’s why he can fully concentrate on delivering for the team,” said Hill, who simply identified too many side issues in Mick’s case.


“In the end, the team needs people who can do their job without putting the team under stress,” explained Hill, in whose eyes Nico Hülkenberg is the right man for the job.

“He’s had some very impressive comebacks considering how often he’s been out in between. And once you’ve had a break, it’s hard to get straight back to your speed,” the Englishman praised the German driver, in whose favour, according to Hill, is another point:

“He’s not under as much pressure as Mick was.”



Pressure of his name got to him

“Mick was constantly under observation and under a lot of pressure. And I think that’s what got to him in the end,” the British driver believes that the psyche was ultimately decisive for Schumacher’s failure at Haas.

He does not know how Mick was advised and by whom, the 1996 champion added.

“But I think Formula One was probably harder for him than he thought,” speculated the now 62-year-old Hill, who has been a pundit for Sky Sports for many years.




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