Perez sacking

The apparent dispute between the two Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez is anything but settled. Speculation has long been mounting that the dispute between the two Formula 1 stars is escalating. Such has been the strength whispers, it is looking very likely Sergio Perez will be sacked from Red Bull in the near future with Daniel Ricciardo put back as Verstappens’ team mate.

According to the latest media reports, the 2021 and current F1 world champion Max Verstappen is “anything but happy” with Sergio Perez as his team-mate. At least that is what was said by the comments of, in which the scenario of Perez being removed from his Red Bull seat is already being set up by the management.


Perez overstepped the mark

The reason for the quarrel between Verstappen and Perez is said to have been the qualifying in Monaco, when Checo caused an interruption in Q3 with a spin, which meant that Verstappen could no longer improve beyond fourth position on the grid.

The race in Monte Carlo was won by Perez a day later on 29 May, with Verstappen having to settle for third place at the Grand Prix in his adopted country.

An incident that is still not forgotten by the world champion. Should this allegedly intentional qualifying mistake by Perez continue to put such a strain on the internal relationship in the Red Bull team, the media report even states that it is grounds for “premature termination”.


Things boiled over in Brazil when Verstappen issued payback to Perez by refusing to allow the Mexican to pass.

The team hospitality quarters at Interlagos are in a permanent building behind the garages and have full glass frontages, so the ensuing row after the race was plain for all to see.

Verstappen’s manager was present along with team boss Christian Horner as angry exchanges continued for several minutes before the drivers left to give interviews to the press.

The team and both drivers claim the matter has been resolved however the surprise appointment of Daniel Ricciardo as a development driver has caused a flurry of speculation he will in fact replace Perez as Verstappen’s team mate.



Verstappen twice refused Perez team orders

According to, Max Verstappen has long wanted his old team-mate Daniel Ricciardo back anyway, as reported on by this website a while ago. Although the Australian had a very poor 2022 season at McLaren, he will nevertheless return to Red Bull as a test driver next season.

Between 2016 and 2018, he drove for the Austrian-British team together with Max Verstappen, and the two colleagues were said to have a good relationship during that time.


If it were up to Verstappen, he could only imagine Ricciardo as the second regular driver at Red Bull again – instead of Sergio Pérez, whom Verstappen denied team-internal help twice in the final spurt of the season in Sao Paulo and Abu Dhabi.

In the end, Pérez fell back behind Charles Leclerc in the drivers’ standings to third place and ended the year in a suboptimal sporting position and with internal team disputes.

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48 responses to “Perez sacking

  1. Sergio is getting more needy, saying he wants to race for the championship. I don’t think RB wants him to – because he can’t. They are all in on Max. Sergio is the best second driver on the grid. But that IS what he is. He should know that. If the season would know 12 street circuits… Then maybe. But it doesn’t.

  2. Max wants a team mate that is not a threat. Unfortunately Perez is a threat particularly if the car suits him and not Max as at the start of the season. Max has gone down in my estimation.

  3. I don’t think there is an issue between the two in my humble opinion. And certainly not a possible sacking of Perez in favour of Ricciardo. Just rumors, clickbait and headline hunting.

  4. Personally I’d rather see Perez and Ricardo. Max might be a good driver but he’s all me me me and not a team driver. He’s only a small cog in a big wheel, something he needs to learn.

    • What I’ve thought and said all along a spiolt rich kid that got everything given to him since birth . Taught nothing but race to win since day dot and spit the dummy when it don’t go his way !

    • With Totos MOLE in and out maybe the sanity will return,Refer to Brundles query on Laxk of penalty for SIR Lewis Hamilton. What a fake. He’s had too many free lunches.

  5. Is there any such thing as “deliberate crashing or spinning” in F1 racing? If it’s assumed there is as Max is accusing Perez of then are we saying Gasly’s crash in 2021’s final race in Abu D. can be deemed the same to favor Max?

  6. Max is not a team player and should be taken down a peg. Checo is the modern Mark Webber give him as much support as Max and let him do what he is great at.

  7. Good video link to an interesting YT channel I’d not seen before but have subscribed to. Danny Ric dirt video very funny.👍🏻

  8. I’m not much of an F1 fan but I did watch final race. I don’t see why Perez is being sacked. Monte Carlo was bad at the time but that’s in the past now. Verstappen has won the championship and I understand why Perez isnt happy. Besides isn’t every driver meant to listen to the team boss (in this case Christian Horner). Christian Horner had asked Verstappen to let perez through and this would help Perez with points that way he could’ve finish 2nd in drivers. Since Verstappen had already won championship. My family, my friends and I think it was totally wrong what Verstappen did. Some of you might agree and some of you may disagree with my opinion.

  9. Remember 2021 when max was almost 10 seconds behind Hamilton and Perez was in front of Hamilton, and helped him close the gap in what….2 laps. What a terrible team mate eh

  10. Max Verstappen very dangerous driver too arrogant why is it Martin Brundle always seems to suck up to Red Bull, George Russell what a gentleman ,Worst decision ever 2021 what a stitch up, good to see some healthy competition now I love Formula One!

  11. Thought F1 was a team sport but max seems to think its all about him. Love F1 but dont like the DIVA attitudes of a few drivers

  12. Max is fine so long as the whole team is doing what he wants them to do!!
    Such a self absorbed man.. no sign of ant team play from him.. it just me me and me!!!
    Bad attitude for the whole team!!!
    Grow up Max and play as a team player!!!

  13. Who runs Red Bull, Verstappen or Horner?? He, Verstappen wants to grow up and act like a sportsman instead of a spoilt little brat – he’s ruining the sport. He is a member of the team – NOT the team.

  14. Max is undoubtedly the best driver this year. I think in equal machinery no one can match him, especially over a season. He knows this and he knows that he can get away with running the team like how Schumacher did with Ferrari or Hamilton did at Mercedes. Only difference is they had teammates that obliged. Red bull always seems to have a second driver that wants to prove something. Webber in the Vettel era and now Perez this year. I’m not sure if that’s a recruitment problem or a team dynamic problem but they need to sort that out and make sure the second driver knows his place like Barrichello and Bottas did.

  15. Max is a spoiled child. Monaco was about six months ago. He should have given his place to checo because it benefited the team, not dwell on something from months ago. Good driver but have no respect for him.

  16. Like his father before him, Max Verstappen is not a sportsman or a team player, F1 would be better without him, tantrums, petted lips and sulks show his character. He is scared of Sergio and probably think the Daniel will be more compliant.
    Please Daniel don’t sully yourself by complying.

  17. I have been a formula one fan for many years and can understand rivalry between teams however this apparent feud between actual team mates Verstappen and Perez is absolutely distasteful, Verstappen is a selfish unprofessional baby who thinks he’s bigger than the sport and he needs to think about who helped him on the way up the ladder to fame and who he will expect to help him on the way down.
    I was disappointed with the way Max Won last season’s championship and the way Formula One expected Hamilton to accept the disgusting decision made by F1 to crown Verstappen as Champion, but this throwing of toy’s from Max’s pram is too much for Me and will not support Formula One next Season and Will Not be watching or following this sport in the future.

    A Very disappointed EX FAN.

    • Max has a ego that blocks out the sun. Hope it’s true as I never wanted Daniel to leave RB in the first place.

    • And the way Hamilton was gifted all his titles by Mercedes is just fine? They just bought the best engine for over a billion dollars and tadaa… My grandma would have gotten those 7 titles too in that car.

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