Mazepin shares ‘words of wisdom’ with Schumacher

Russian ex-Formula 1 driver Nikita Mazepin has spoken out with some curious advice to retiring Formula 1 drivers Mick Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo and Nicholas Latifi.

“This weekend I was at the Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi. It was nice to be there as a guest and meet old friends. I took this as an opportunity to offer some words of wisdom to Seb, Daniel, Nicky and Mick,” Mazepin wrote on Instagram.


The 23-year-old was sacked as Schumacher’s teammate at Haas before the start of the season because of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.


The 5 stages advice

He wanted to talk about the “five stages” that now await former Formula One drivers, Mazepin said in his statement.

Stage 1 is “denial”, the Russian wrote. “You will find that you are going round in circles around your house. Don’t make the mistake I made – turn on your stopwatch. It’s possible that another Formula One team will be interested in your results and you won’t have to sit through the next four stages.”



“Drink, party on the yacht, sleep in, gain five kilos”.

The second stage to follow is “anger”, Mazepin said. “You blame everyone but yourselves for the out. Especially the Netflix film crew of ‘Drive to Survive’. The races you watch while screaming at the screen.”

After that, the “negotiating” phase awaits Mick Schumacher and co, Mazepin’s Instagram post said.

You hold a press conference where you put on a brave face and thank the team boss who fired you. The hope is that your cheerful smile and natural charm will get you a spot with a team.”

Mazepin, who most recently launched a new career as a DJ and event manager, cited “depression” as Stage 4. He wrote:

“Drink, party on the yacht, sleep in, gain five kilos. You repeat this in an endless loop. It won’t be easy to get through this phase, but your friends will enjoy it.”



Warm words for ex-Formula 1 teammate Mick Schumacher

Eventually and finally, the former Formula One star’s life is moving into the “acceptance” phase, he said.

“Congratulations! You stop being obsessed with Formula 1 and think about the next steps – while keeping yourselves in shape and the door open for a return!” said Mazepin.

Mazepin concluded his post on the social network with warm words for all four of his ex-colleagues – including Schumacher, with whom he did not exactly share an intimate friendship during their time together at Haas.

“Mick, we grew up together in this sport,” Mazepin wrote. “I wish you the best of luck in all that is to come.”



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