Schumacher booted, Ralf attacks Steiner

According to information from RTL, Formula 1 racing team Haas has decided against continuing to employ Mick Schumacher. His uncle Ralf Schumacher also assumes that this is the case – and has now expressed his incomprehension with an attack on team boss Günther Steiner.

“As of today, Mick Schumacher will not get a regular cockpit next year in this week of truth at Haas, in which the driver will be announced,” wrote RTL reporter Felix Görner in his column after the Brazilian Grand Prix. Meaning Haas has decided on another driver.

“According to our information, it will be Nico Hülkenberg,” says Görner. The announcement of the decision is expected in the coming days as reported by this website yesterday.


Ralf Schumacher also knows that this is the scenario, just one race before the end of the Formula 1 season.

“I see it difficult for Haas to decide in favour of Mick. Otherwise they would have done so long ago,” he said on Sky Germany.


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Ralf Schumacher attacks Steiner integrity

The 47-year-old is one of Mick Schumacher’s biggest supporters, and in recent months he had also always been critical of Haas team boss Günther Steiner’s work. In view of the impending F1 break for his nephew, he now followed up with clear criticism:

“I think the interaction in the team and the openness of Günther Steiner – let me call it politely – of course doesn’t necessarily speak positively.”

Mick Schumacher had always “shown that potential is there. But no matter what he did, you always had the feeling that the team and Günther Steiner were never satisfied with it,” rumbled the younger brother of F1 legend Michael Schumacher.


Ralf Schumacher even went one better and claimed that the decision against Mick might not have been made for sporting reasons with an attack levelled at the Haas team boss:

“The whole behaviour cannot be explained by normal standards. It must be something almost personal. I think that Günther Steiner simply can’t cope with the fact that someone else is the focus at Haas. He very, very much likes to be the one in the spotlight.”



Schumacher interviewed in f4

Schumacher loses Haas duel with Magnussen

But it is also clear, Mick Schumacher has lost the team-internal duel with Kevin Magnussen this year. In Brazil, for example, the Dane drove sensationally to pole position in qualifying, while Schumacher finished last.

The qualifying score of 5:16 from the German’s point of view, probably also a decision criterion for Haas, was simply “too bad”, said RTL reporter Felix Görner in his column.

In the drivers’ standings, Mick Schumacher is in 16th place with twelve points, Kevin Magnussen is in 13th place with 25 points.


But if Ralf Schumacher has his way, the 23-year-old German Haas driver has “not been able to drive freely” in recent months.

“He’s constantly getting pressure not to make any mistakes, otherwise he won’t be allowed to continue driving for Haas.” The conditions are different for Magnussen, who signed a multi-year contract in the spring.

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