Binotto successors named

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto was absent from a Formula 1 Grand Prix for the second time in a very short time. Although the Italian has long since explained the reasons for his absence, speculation about a possible end at the Scuderia is persistent. Now it is said to have finally come to an end.

If the French motorsport website Auto Hebdo is to be believed, Mattia Binotto’s days as team boss of the Ferrari Formula 1 racing team are as good as numbered. According to sources close to the Maranello headquarters, the signs point to a separation after the season.



Binotto out of favour

Ferrari president John Elkann, who had often publicly defended Binotto against criticism, is said to have changed his mind in the meantime. Too often this year, the racing team had attracted attention because of bad racing decisions.

According to Auto Hebdo, it was the British Grand Prix at the beginning of July that caused Binotto’s star to fall internally at the Scuderia. Although Carlos Sainz, a Ferrari driver, won the race ahead of Sergio Pérez and Lewis Hamilton, top driver Charles Leclerc went home in fourth place as one of the big losers. Because: Ferrari had botched the pit stop and thus deprived the Monegasque of a possible victory.



Andreas Seidl (left)

Andreas Seidl considered as possible successor

The speculation that the 53-year-old will have to leave his post as team boss after three years is fuelled by the fact that he was conspicuous by his absence at both the Japanese Grand Prix and the Brazilian Grand Prix. In South America, Binotto was recently replaced by Laurent Mekies.

After the Suzuka race, Binotto, who joined Ferrari as an engine engineer in 1995, explained his absence by saying that he was already working on improvements for the new season and would therefore be better off in Maranello.

“The 2022 season is ending and the focus is already on 2023,” he explained, adding: “This was a very important season for us, but the next one will be even more important.”



Nevertheless, Auto Hebdo is already bringing up several potential successors to Mattia Binotto who could take over the reins of the team from 2023.

On the one hand, Sauber team boss Frédéric Vasseur is mentioned, on the other hand, the name Andreas Seidl comes up. The German has been in charge of the McLaren racing team since 2019. The third candidate is the current Ferrari sports director Laurent Mekies.

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  1. Seb, if he doesnot succeed, will express his ire by showing his middle finger to the drivers and yelling “cucumber” 🙂

  2. If Binotto will be replaced, wich I don’t think will happen, he’s a very good engineer, Ferrari won’t risk losing him to RB or MB.
    The only credible name to replace Binotto is Antonello Coletta Head of Ferrari GT Sporting Activities.

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