Verstappen rift with F1 team

As George Russell won his first Formula One GP a row was brewing ate world champions Red Bull Racing. The team left Perez out on used medium tyres when Lando Norris breakdown caused a safety car during the last quarter of the Sau Paulo GP.

Verstappen by way of contrast had pitted for new tyres and was inside the top 10 as the safetycar was withdrawn.



Verstappen fails to claim F1 record

The double world champion made light work of charging through the midfield and overtook his team mate with 5 laps to go.

However, Verstappen failed to catch Fernando Alonso or Carlos Sainz ahead of him and on the last lap of the race was asked by the team to allow Sergio Perez through for the extra points.

Verstappen did not dodge the issue and when asked “what happened?” Over pit radio following the chequered flag Max replied, 

“I told you already last time – you guys should’t ask that again of me. Ok…. Are we clear about that?”

“I gave my reasons and I stand by it”.



Checo’s pit radio

Perez was informed on the last lap that “Max won’t let you through”.

He replied, “Thank you for that guys”

The Christian Horner then apologised to Sergio, “I’m sorry about the Checo” and the Mexican’s race engineer added, “we’ll debrief everything afterwards.”

In a final dig art his team mate Sergio responded, “t shows who he really is.”



Red Bull eyes F1 history

The reason Red Bull wanted to promote Perez was because as a team they’ve never had a 1-2 in the drivers’ championship final standings.

However, Christian Horner explained before the race the focus for the team today was to ensure Checo finished ahead of LeClerc and team orders would only be issued if necessary next time out in Abu Dhabi.

Some have suggested Verstappen is still miffed with his team mate for crashing in Q3 at the 2022 Monaco GP. Verstappen was on a hot lap when the Mexican crashed which potentially prevented Verstappen from taking pole position.



Verstappen bad blood with Perez

Winning the race in Monaco is one of motorsports triple crown events. The other two are winning the 24 hour of Le Mans and the Indy500 in the US.

Only one driver has ever completed this triple crown and that’s Graham Hill.

Fernando Alonso presently has 2 of the 3 having won Le Mans and the Monaco GP. The spaniard has entered the Indy500 twice but was not a regular competitor for the IndyCar series season and suffered from not being competitive.

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14 responses to “Verstappen rift with F1 team

  1. F1 deserves better people as champions. Max today, Ham in the last race of 2016. How I admire even more Stewart, Hill (both), Lauda and (a few) more…

  2. He was truly my favorite driver. His skills, his win at any cost attitude. But this wasn’t a win. The only benefit from this race is putting Checo above LeClerc in the driver standings. There was absolutely no downside for Max, none. And he refused, making him the biggest asshole in Formula 1. I don’t think Checo will forgive and neither will I

  3. Rather pathetic Max, Checo has been 100% loyal to the team, and that is something you don’t seem to grasp.

  4. At first i was annoyed about the 5 sec penalty. We want racing and overtaking not high speed passing in drs. I have always hated team orders but in this case i got it and cannot express my disapointment in Max. Checo has helped Max many times and the team. Instead of looking after the team interest in getting their first 1,2 in the chamipionship he decided to look after himself and hold some pety grudge. I have always respected his had racing and i think most fans do (unless your a lewis fan) but this just shows how much growing up he has to do. Max I think you should explain publically why you were so selfish and give a public apology to your team (that works hard for you, supports you, pays you oh and gave you a good car to race with) and your team mate for how he has helped you over the last 2 years.

    • When has Perez helped him? Everyone going on about this “Perez help”. I’m no Verstappen fan (he is the lesser of 2 evils as far as i’m concerned between him and Hamilton), but Perez defending against Hamilton isn’t “Perez helping Verstappen”, it is a racing driver being a racing driver.

  5. Good on max stand your ground you are there win races not give up if I placed bet on race outcome then if teams decide let someone pass you in that not fixing race results ?

  6. Like Schumacher and Senna…ruthless. He has the character to never bow for outside pressure. He’s not there to be liked, he’s there to win. It’s that exactly thát property that brings people like him to the places they are. And why we, commentators, are not

  7. Just who is running the Red Bull team, it seems Horner is just a Figure Head whilst the drivers walk all over him. Max decides what and when to do or change planned moves, he believes he can do as he pleases and has little or no respect for team instructions, or other team drivers. Surely when a driver is put under contract, one of the golden rules is You MUST OBEY THE TEAM PRINCIPAL INSTRUCTIONS, OTHERWISE WHAT IS THE POINT OF HORNER’s BEING. If a driver refuses perhaps a fine by the team of £20,000 would remind them of their contract responsibilities.

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