Sad advice from Ecclestone to Michael Schumachers’ son

Bernie Ecclestone advises the son of Michael Schumacher. The former Formula One supremo is advising Mick Schumacher to “forget” F1 and look for a place in another category of motorsport. Sad advice for the son of a Formula 1 legend looking to cut his teeth in the sport his father dominated for so many years.

Mick Schumacher had a difficult start to 2022 after several crashes in his Haas, but the young German managed to turn things around mid-season by scoring points in Britain and Austria.

However, Mick Schumacher’s performances are considered disappointing by many observers of the Formula 1 world and his contract, which expires in a few days, has still not been renewed at Haas, while the American team boss Gunther Steiner has clearly put pressure on Schumacher by demanding him to score points in the last few races to be sure of keeping his seat in 2023. The Haas boss has since renaged on this condition saying that the team will now base its decision on what was best for the future of the team.



Mick should not be in Formula 1

But for Bernie Ecclestone, Schumacher’s future is not in Formula One, not least because his father Michael Schumacher’s prestigious career (seven world titles) is making life difficult for Schumi Jr:

“I don’t think he’ll be here. People were disappointed with his performance,” Bernie Ecclestone said of Mick Schumacher to RTL in Germany.

“We don’t know if it’s because of him or the team, but it’s difficult to find someone who could put him in a winning team because he’s not in one at the moment.”



“Maybe he just needs to forget about F1 and concentrate on other categories of motorsport. His name is his biggest burden, but he tries to respect it as best he can and that’s what he puts him in all these troubles,

“Therefore: he should forget about it [F1] and try to win in other categories.”



Ecclestone believes Mick will lose his seat at Haas

The Haas team is expected to announce the name of Kevin Magnussen’s future teammate next year, and at present Mick Schumacher is in direct competition with fellow countryman Nico Hülkenberg, who could make his comeback as a starter in 2023, which would not be a surprise to Ecclestone, who does not consider a driver’s age to be a hindrance (Hülkenberg is 35).

“It’s not a question of age, but of mental state. Look at Juan Manuel Fangio, he started at an age when everyone else stopped,” added the 92-year-old British former Formula 1 supremo. 


A lifeline for Mick in F1?

As reported by this website today, Mick might just go against Bernie Ecclestones’ advice and continue in Formula 1 should he receive a very realistic lifeline to save his career. 

Mick Schumacher might be part of a contingency plan by Williams who has appeared to have already come up with a contingency plan for the eventuality that they may fail to secure the American Logan Sargeant. 

If Sargeant doesn’t get his super licence, “everyone who has experience and a super licence is an option,” Williams team boss Jost Capito said in a interview, leaving a back door open for the German.

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