Schumacher gone

The Haas driver absolutely must deliver at the Formula 1 US race in Austin with a points finish this weekend. Ralf Schumacher gives his latest Mick prediction to the German media at Sky Germany, but from rumours within the paddock, Schumacher Junior is set to be removed from his Haas seat already. It is unlikely Williams will take on the German either, so in effect the name Schumacher will be gone from F1.

At the US Grand Prix in Austin, Mick Schumacher has the opportunity for the fourth-last time this season to advertise his continued employment in Formula 1. His racing team Haas expects points, basically a top ten finish for the German, but how realistic is this objective? Not likely as far as team boss Gene Haas is concerned. The American has more or less decided already that Mick Schumacher is gone.



Uncle Ralf still believes in Mick

Mick’s uncle Ralf Schumacher has looked into his rather unreliable crystal ball as TV pundit for Sky Sports F1 Germany, and definitely believes in a fast Haas overall package in Austin:

“Last year they were already doing quite well here. These flowing corners should suit the team. The question is still a little bit: What does the tyre do? That has always been a bit of a Haas weakness, that the tyre just doesn’t last long enough,” says the bullish 47-year-old.



In his only start at the US Grand Prix so far last year, Mick Schumacher drove the Haas to the finish line in only 16th place. A result that would certainly not please those responsible around owner Gene Haas and team boss Günther Steiner at the home race of the US-American constructor.

However, long-time Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher still believes that his nephew can ensure further top ten finishes this season:

“Mick has always remained very stable so far. He’s learned from the mistakes he’s made and hasn’t let himself be particularly impressed.”

A fortnight ago at the Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka, it could have been something with a points finish. In the end, however, the 23-year-old only finished 17th.



Schumacher believes Haas cost Mick points in Japan

Looking back on the last weeks, Ralf Schumacher said:  “Both sides made mistakes. Mick made a mistake with his accident in Japan, but then he managed to turn it around and finish in the points,

“Then the team made a huge mistake with the strategy. Gene Haas could have got his points at that point if the team hadn’t made that mistake.”


For the 180-time Formula 1 starter and brother to F1 legend Michael Schumacher, looking at the Haas racing team and Mick Schumacher, “there is no question that the combination can be good”. says the German rather optimistically.

Schumacher is still fighting with all sporting means for a new contract until 2022. In addition to the second Haas cockpit, there is still a vacancy at the Williams team as things stand, but it is said that the British team is not really considering the young German for a seat beside Alex Albon.



Is it fair that Mick be removed from Formula 1?

Should Mick be ousted from Formula One, many of his promotors and fans would be disappointed that the system chewed up and spat out the son of Michael Schumacher so unforgivingly. His detractors say he’s nothing special, but others claim Mick is a methodical learner who develops at a slower pace to some other ‘special F1 drivers’ such as Max Verstappen. Therefore should be given a fair crack at competing in Formula 1.

Schumacher began his career in karting in 2008, progressing to the German ADAC Formula 4 by 2015. After winning the 2018 FIA F3 European Championship, he progressed to Formula 2 in 2019, and won the 2020 Formula 2 Championship. He is the son of seven-time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher, nephew of Ralf Schumacher and cousin of David Schumacher.

To avoid attention because of his famous father, he started his career under the pseudonym ‘Mick Betsch’, using his mother’s maiden name.



With the paddock whispers not looking favourably on Mick Schumacher continuing at Haas for next year, along with a very patchy performance history in 2022 and a poor result in Austin last year, it seems that the German driver is most likely out of F1 in terms of a race seat.

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  1. Steiner said in Suzuka that he holds an advantage over others as an incumbent in the team, so let’s wait before making definitive judgments.

    • If the name Schumacher needs 3 season to get up to speed, he is not the Schumacher F1 needs. An average Schumacher wont cut it.

  2. I wonder how many deluded observers would be saying he should be retained if his name was ‘Mick Betsch’…

  3. I agree no one can walk in another persons shoes but I believe in the young man getting this fair as best as he can. Who ever wrote this story needs to do better instead of pissing off the F1 fans seriously. Racing is a passion

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