Schumacher reacts to Gene Haas scolding

Gene Haas, the Formula 1 Haas team’s wealthy owner, had increased the already heavy pressure on Mick Schumacher, son of Michael Schumacher. Gene has scolded the German ahead of the 19th round of the season in the USA, hinting at dwindling support for the driver.

As far as Gene Haas is concerned, Mick Schumacher was costing the racing team a fortune through driving errors and accidents. Further, the statements made yesterday were somewhat missing a clear commitment to the son of record world champion Michael Schumacher.

Schumacher himself was responsible for a possible future with the team, the Haas F1 team owner admitted.


Schumacher is surely gone from Haas now?

Mick Schumacher has not yet secured his place in Formula 1 for the 2023 season. Staying with the US team Haas is an option (should the team keep him on), but the 23-year-old is not the only candidate for the second cockpit next to the Dane Kevin Magnussen.

Nico Hülkenberg is also considered an alternative for Haas. Besides Haas, only the back-marker team Williams is still looking for a second driver and the successor for Nicholas Latifi. Here Schumacher is considered a candidate for some people as is the young US-American Logan Sargeant, who will be allowed to prove himself in the Williams during the first free practice on Friday.



Steiner still won’t commit to Mick

Haas team boss Günther Steiner does not want to be pressured in the decision-making process.

“We are not committing to a date. We are taking our time, there is no reason to rush,” Steiner said. Presumably, the announcement of the future driver will be made after the Mexican Grand Prix (30 October).

Steiner criticised Schumacher after crashes at the Saudi Arabian and Monaco Grands Prix earlier this season. He was then left “disappointed” and “frustrated” in Japan after another heavy accident during FP1.


Damon Hill believes Mick’s high costs will get him the boot

“He’s not a Max Verstappen” says Hill when describing Mick’s chances of staying at Haas. 

“That’s the other thing a team like Haas might be looking for. Mick has had two seasons. He did a double season in F2 and he’s a slow progressive…the question people ask is, when will we get the dazzling performance?

“I think if you’re Haas, why would you put someone in the car again that has cost you three tubs (chassis) or however many it is?

“Maybe Guenther is sitting there going ‘I can’t afford it anymore, I’ve got to put in someone who will just bring it home’ and not worry about finding the next talented driver.”



Mick reacts to Gene Haas criticism 

Meanwhile, Mick Schumacher has reacted calmly to the critical comments made by team owner Gene Haas saying”

“Gene is my boss. He has every right to make his comments,

“I’m doing my best. Hopefully, we’ll get in the points this weekend…”


Meanwhile, Mick’s team mate Kevin Magnussen believes his German partner at Haas has been difficult to beat of late.

“I think he´s been really improving over the year. He started off maybe not really liking the car and lacking a bit of confidence, but he´s really gained that,” Magnussen told reporters ahead of Sunday’s US Grand Prix.

“Lately he´s been super hard to beat for me. I think, the way he´s driving right now, he definitely deserves a place on the grid. But again, it´s totally out of my hands and I can only sort of wish him well.”

Schumacher has scored in only two of 18 races, with 12 points to Magnussen’s 22




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