Williams F1 backtrack to give Albon a try

Earlier this week Williams had provisional plans to rest Alex Albon following his appendectomy The thinking was to maximise Nyck De Vries opportunity to drive the Singapore circuit which he has never raced in an F1 car as early as possible. However, there were question marks over whether De Vries would be fit enough given this is one of the most demanding F1 tracks on the calendar.

De Vries had struggled in Monza reporting after the chequered flag at the Italian GP:

“My shoulders are dead. I’m struggling to even…Can someone help me or am I alone in Parc Ferme? I can literally not even lift my arms anymore.”



Is De Vries fit enough?

Despite major efforts in the gym there are still concerns over whether De Vries has adequate fitness to complete the GP weekend.

Williams released the following statement this afternoon.

Alex Albon is preparing to get back behind the wheel on Friday as he continues his recovery from treatment for his appendicitis that forced him to sit out the Italian Grand Prix.



Ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix action, Alex shared his gratitude to all those that helped him get to this point.

“I’d just like to thank everyone for all their messages and support over the Italian Grand Prix weekend.

“My preparation for Singapore has been a little different than normal but I’m feeling good and I’ve done everything possible to get ready for one of the most physical races on the calendar.

“I am not underestimating how big of a challenge this is going to be, but I am looking forward to hitting the track on Friday and getting back driving.

“It’s a great street circuit and the closest race to home for me in Thailand, so I’m really excited to be here and to see the fans that have turned out.”



Albon may start but not finish

However, there are still concerns within the team that Albon could reopen the wound from his surgery just 16 days ago.

This together with there concern for De Vries being able to complete all 5 track sessions from Friday to Sunday means Albon will ‘see how it goes’ on Friday.

Should any complications occur, then De Vries will step in once again as a substitute driver.

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  1. Practice day will ultimately be pivotal for Albon’s readiness, but hopefully, nothing will go wrong.

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