Ross Brawn quits F1

Ross Brawn to step back from Formula 1. Britain’s Ross Brawn – F1’s sporting and technical director – has revealed plans to significantly reduce his involvement in the sport by the end of the year in order to enjoy his family more.

Ross Brawn, who has been in charge of Formula One’s sporting and technical development since 2017 with the aim of “developing a better F1 for the fans”, has been in the paddock since 1978, when he began his F1 career as a mechanic with the Williams team. But now, at 67, the British man is looking for a quieter life and will be taking a break from racing at the end of the year.

“I want to reduce [his involvement in F1] considerably, let’s put it that way. I will continue to be available with my expertise, but I will no longer be responsible for one particular area every day,” Brawn explained in an interview with Sport 1.



“That means I will be looking after my children and grandchildren more, going fishing more and looking after my garden.”

Largely responsible for the new rules introduced in Formula 1 this year, Ross Brawn says he is “satisfied” with the spectacle offered this season: “Basically I’m satisfied,” he insists.

“The cars can drive closer together and overtake better. Driving side by side has also become easier. Before this, few people knew that a car could lose performance. Pirelli [the tyre manufacturer] also helped. So everything worked out well.”

“The fact that some teams were able to implement the new rules better and the others were unhappy about it is Formula 1 folklore and was planned in advance. It has particularly affected Mercedes, but they are not idiots, they will understand.”



Ross Brawn’s Formula One career has included stints with Williams, FORCE, Arrows, Benetton, Ferrari and Honda before he set up his own Brawn GP team, which won both world titles in its first and only year in the world championship.

At the end of 2009, the Brawn team was bought by Daimler and became the current Mercedes team led by Toto Wolff.

After taking a step back from the world of F1, Brawn returned in 2017 as sporting and technical director of FOM, a position he still holds today.

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    • I’m glad to see him go , he was one of the things wrong with c I prove.urrent F1, now if only we can get rid of liberty media and Replace FIA with a new and open world Motorsport body

  1. Love Ross Brawn. Him and Michael together were unstoppable and he brought us 2009, the year where dreams came true. And I think he is a lovely bloke so I’ll miss him 😢

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