Williams F1 decision on Nyck De Vries Singapore drive

The Williams Formula One team have provisionally decided to give Nyck de Vries a second F1 drive in Singapore. In the period since Alex Albon posted his twitter update 10 days ago revealing he was taking his first steps after his appendectomy, the team Albon and De Vries have been silent over whether the British-Thai driver will be fit enough to drive in Singapore this weekend.

The Singapore circuit is one of the most physical tests the F1 drivers face each season as Albon revealed in his tweet.

“The goal is to be ready for Singapore, which is going to be tough.”

“Its one of the toughest races that we go to. Its not an easy one but lets aim high and see what happens.”

The physicality the drivers face this year at the Asian circuit will be tougher than ever due to the new F1 car design regulations. The new cars now use aerodynamic under the floor ground effect to create downforce which has seen some teams run their cars lower than before to the track surface



Singapore F1 circuit similar to Baku

The track surface is similar in nature to Baku and so the effect of the bumps will be greater than ever at the Marina Bay track.

Lewis Hamilton struggled to get out of his car following the Baku race and despite the FIA issuing at technical directive to reduce the vertical oscillations facade by the driers since Azerbaijan, the modified cars have not really faced a proper test of how much better the ride is.

It could be even though they have been modified, they react in a similar fashion to the way the handled in Baku.



Williams F1 hand forced

Williams have been forced to make an early decision on Albon because if Nyck De Vries were to substitute for him again, he will need all the track time available to him starting with FP1.

Just waiting to see how Albon gets on in FP1 was not really an option if the team wish to maximise their potential in the GP.

Singapore4 is a real opportunity for the Williams car which was much better suited than others to the Baku race surface, with Albon finishing P12 and Latifi P15.

The team have not yet formally announced De Vries as Albon’s substitute because the young Dutchman himself needed to get fitter since Monza. 


De Vries not F1 fit

Following. The chequered flag last time out in Italy, De Vries reported over team radio, “My shoulders are dead. I’m struggling to even…Can someone help me or am I alone in Parc Ferme? I can literally not even lift my arms anymore.”

Alpha Tauri’s Pierre Gasly came to over to check. On him.

F1 drivers regularly face G-Forces of 5g when braking, 2g under acceleration and up to 6g when cornering. They also lose up to 3kg in weight during some races and by comparison Monza with its long straights is benign when compared to the up coming street circuit in Singapore.

Albon would have stood no chance of returning to the car had the original race calendar stood, because the Russian GP was originally slated in the intervening days following his surgery.

Alex innate level of fitness will not have dropped, but concerns over the bumpy nature of the Singapore track and whether his wound could be reopened will have surely affected Williams decision on substituting him with Nyck de Vries.



Nyck’s preparation for Singapore hampered

Even with the extra physical training the young Dutchman has had his preparations for Singapore hampered because of new travel laws from Europe to the UK.

Nyck took to instagram saying he had been unable to travel to the Williams factory in Grove because he only had his EU ID card and not his passport. He returned home until the matter was revolved.

As much as F1 fans appear to support Alex Allbon after his traumas racing for Red Bull, there will be many excited to see what F1’s next big thing has to offer at one of the most demanding circuits on the Formula One calendar.

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