Russell issues warning to FIA

After the huge controversy, Russell speaks out and warns the FIA that races like Monza offer nothing to the spectators. George Russell started in second place and finished the Formula 1 Grand Prix on the third step of the podium.

A satisfactory result for the British driver given the circumstances. When asked about the outcome of this weekend’s race, Lewis Hamilton’s team-mate regretted the conditions but was aware that it was impossible to prolong the race.

Despite all the penalties that were handed out, George Russell was able to start the Monza Grand Prix in second place. The Mercedes driver started just behind Charles Leclerc and almost took the lead at the start. In the end, the Monegasque fought back very well and forced Russell to cut the corner, a small mistake without consequence. Behind him, George Russell was hoping to fight for the victory but the Red Bull of Max Verstappen was, once again, too strong.


“We have to be realistic, this Red Bull is almost unbeatable. It’s going to take a real effort to beat this car. In terms of performance, they are completely ahead of everyone else,” lamented Lewis Hamilton, George Russell’s team-mate.


Beyond Max Verstappen’s new success, what marked this Monza Grand Prix was the arrival of the safety car. The FIA, which was highly contested, finally reacted to this controversial decision.

“While every effort was made to evacuate the #3 car quickly and resume the race, the situation evolved and the stewards were unable to put the car in neutral and push it into the escape road,” said the FIA.


“As the safety of the evacuation operation was our only priority, and the incident was not significant enough to require a red flag, the race was completed under the safety car in accordance with procedures agreed by the FIA and all competitors,

“The timing of the safety car period during a race has no impact on this procedure,” the FIA said in a statement.


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George Russell, who was third in the Grand Prix, also regretted this decision.

“It’s just the race, I think. It’s obviously not always easy when an F1 car stops in an uncomfortable place. You always want to finish a race under green flag conditions but what can you do? That’s the way it goes,

“And I don’t know what the order looked like but I don’t think it would have changed the result anyway.”

Russell then issues a warning to the FIA about Monza saying: “What is clear though is that these one-stop races don’t seem to offer any exciting spectacle,” said the Mercedes driver.


When asked about a possible change in the regulations, George Russell was frank: “You can’t extend the race, we don’t have the fuel for it. So that’s settled. After Abu Dhabi 2021, we had some discussions about races finishing under the safety car,

“I think we’ve watched every race since 1998 and it’s happened 10 times I think. Maybe it’s wrong, don’t quote me if I’m wrong, but maybe it’s worth looking at. But you can’t prolong the race in any case.”

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14 responses to “Russell issues warning to FIA

  1. Im getting tired of all the comments from everywhere about the Red Bull car being so fast. Never any acknowlagement about the drivers ability ?? If the Red Bull cars are all thats doing the job then why is it Perez is not winning ??

    • because he doesn’t have the floor upgrade or the motor upgraded the verstappen has. which I think is bs. if there is a cap. both cars should get it period. not one better then the other. this rule needs to change …

    • With safety car finishes, surely it would be logical for the fia to get all manufacturers to put in enough fuel to do five often more laps and then when the safety car leaves the track, up to five laps can be added to the race like the British touring cars do. To be honest it’s getting boring now, certainly not worth paying Sky to watch it.

  2. Clearl Red Bull adjusted the cars so they are never identical cars if that was the case Checko showed earlier in the season he would eat Verstappens lunch. Checho, only effective role at Red Bull is to keep Ham at bay from kicking The Bully Verstappens butt. If Checko forget his place as he did earlier in season they may just allow him to win a race before reign him back in.

    • All the adjectives like bully which fit Hamilton are ascribed to Max. Leave alone kicking Max’s butt, Hamilton can’t even smell it. Max is so far ahead. What it proves is that the fans of Ham are so grievously butt-hurt and overcome by such frustration that they would, for the foreseeable future, be lamenting long and hard until they are delivered from their suffering by the retirement of Ham, already overdue.
      In his retirement years, hopefully Ham will meditate on his entire career, realize how lucky he has been to win so much, relinquish his ego and arrogance and change to a better man.

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  4. Are we really surprised?? Since all the cars run the same rims, the playing field has been leveled, ( advantage taken away from Mercedes)and red bull just got it right , stop crying

  5. Doesn’t the finish of this race prove that the last race of 2021 was FIXED !! If the rules were followed it would have finished behind the safety car and Hamilton should be given the F1 title. Hamilton was robbed and the result should be over turned

    • Just means the race director made a stupid decision under presure trying to keep the race entertaining for spectators 🙂

  6. Stop using this ridiculous “Issues warning” crap!
    It’s a hugely over and mis-used term and is getting boring!
    For me it’s literally a signal of poor journalism and indicates the article isn’t worth reading.

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