Gasly absent from Monza due to mystery illness

The Formula One juggernaut has rolled into Norther Italy and the Royal Park in Monza. Today is the day when the drivers and teams to a lot of their media work. However Pierre Gasly, who was due to appear at the press conference will be absent says the Alpha Tauri team.

Gasly is a key target for Alpine to replace Fernando Alonso in 2023, however Christian Horner explicitly explained Pierre was under contract with Red Bull Racing until the end of next season.

The boss of the title leading team also made it explicit in Zandvoort that Gasley would not be released unless the FIA grant Colton Herta his F1 Super License. Herta who races for Andretti Autosport does not have the necessary points to qualify for a Super License and it will require some legal gymnastics for the FIA to create a scenario where Herta can race for Alpha Tauri in 2023.

FIA changes to DRS Zones in Monza



“We aren’t going to replace Pierre unless we have something exciting to put in that car,” said Horner.

What kind of message this sends to the several drivers in the Red Bull Academy is anyone’s guess.

Alpha Tauri released a statement today stating, “Following doctors advice, Pierre Gasly will not be on track today as he’s currently unwell.”



Of course with F1’s silly season in full flow, the speculation will be Gasly is either being muted by Red Bull over his current predicatment and the team do not want the press questioning him.

Either that, or Pierre is in detailed contract talks with Alpine because the FIA are expected to decide on Herta’s application this weekend.

There is no information as to whether Gasly is too ill to participate in Friday practice or even the full GP weekend.

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3 responses to “Gasly absent from Monza due to mystery illness

  1. Rules are rules. If Coulton “Hooligan” Herta is to get his super licence then he has to get the requisite point in order to do so.

    Why do Red Bull think they have the right to pressure anyone.

    • Ánd why do you think Fia will block him? American driver in a F1 car is FIA’s wet dream. Commercially extremely desired. They will find a way.

  2. The gpda does not want the SL rules for Indy car changed. If they grant Indy car the ability to earn more points, it will flood the f1 driver market. That will reduce the amount drivers can demand to drive.

    The manufacturer teams are hesitant to do it right now because they all have multiple millions tied up in junior programs. Programs that will be irrelevant when the driver pool becomes flooded with talent.

    Right now, I think RB wants this not simply to put this driver in, but so they can place their drivers in Indy car to get experience and earn money while proving who should get seats in AT and RB.
    It’s hard to pay a bunch and have multiple reserve drivers and multiple sim drivers that aren’t gaining experience… it’s also hard to keep drivers who can’t get drives. And it is expensive to pay your opponents to let your jr driver drive and take points from your own teams.

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