Dutch GP organisers make strong demands

Smoke bombs and fireworks are not allowed in Zandvoort on Sunday declare the Dutch Grand Prix organisers having once again demanded fans at the circuit not to use incendiaries during Sunday’s race, reminding them that their use throughout the weekend is strictly forbidden.

During Saturday’s qualifying session, a smoke canister landed on the track when Williams driver Alex Albon was on an out lap before setting off on a fast lap, forcing the race directors to wave a red flag to allow the stewards to retrieve the canister. After this incident, the Dutch Grand Prix organisation once again asked fans to respect the rules and not to use flares or smoke for the rest of the weekend at Zandvoort.

“All drivers, Formula One Management, the FIA, and the Dutch Grand Prix organisation do not tolerate the use of flares, as Max Verstappen himself mentioned after the qualifying session”, say the organisers.


“Their use is not allowed and creates very dangerous situations on the track for drivers and fans. The organisation therefore appeals again to the common sense of all our fans and warns that the use of flares will not be tolerated,

“The offender who set off a flare on September 3 has been reported and handed over to the authorities by the event’s security service.”


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This has also been a concern for F1 management themselves after some shocking testimonials of fan behavior against others during the Austrian GP, ​​various stories of similar behavior seem to be emerging again at Zandvoort. 

Stories on social media of a female Hamilton fan who was pelted with beer in an apparent targeting. Further, an alleged groping by a man who allegedly harassed several female F1 fans. The reports are thus far unconfirmed officially.


Similar issues happened during the Austrian Grand Prix, Red Bull’s home race, where the vast majority of the fans who made the trip to the Red Bull Ring were part of the Oranje Army, Max Verstappen’s fan community. Some of them celebrated Lewis Hamilton’s crash in qualifying, while a Mercedes cap was also burnt and shared on social media.

While the on-track rivalry between the reigning world champion and the Englishman has calmed down considerably this year, this is not the case with the Dutch fans, who continue to show great hostility towards Hamilton. This appears unabated.


In Hungary, there were more instances of troubling fan behaviour, again targetting Hamilton fans. Max Verstappen himself appealed to the Oranje Army to calm things down.

Mercedes caps were burnt by fans of the Dutch driver, several videos of which were posted on social media. Verstappen said he was “disgusted” by the images.

“Yeah, that’s of course not acceptable,” he said. “Those fans… no those individuals, I absolutely don’t agree with that, because it’s just disgusting,

“Overall, I think the majority of the fans applauded a lot, I think, throughout the race, and also on the podium, for each driver. I think that’s how it should be. That burnt cap video, I think it’s disgusting.”


The 2022 Dutch Grand Prix is scheduled to start on Sunday 4 September at 14:00 with the drivers starting for a 72 lap race.

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2 responses to “Dutch GP organisers make strong demands

  1. Why do they even ALLOW THESE HOOLIGAN FANS to bring these Disgusting Behaviors into the race track, FIREWORKS, SMOKE BOMBS should be TOTALLY BANNED, PERPERTRATORS, should be found & CHARGED🤔🤔🙄

  2. Some nuance… The orange smoke was not so bad, except that they were used a bit too much and created actual fog on the track. Thats the reason they are banned now.

    Of course the lunatics that throw stuff on the track should be banned for life in every sport but please remember it was 1 out of 300.000 …

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