Verstappen slams fans

Max Verstappen lashes out after winning the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday, ahead of George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, despite starting 10th on the grid and spinning. It seems however that the competition with the latter can lead to some unfortunate behaviour on the part of the fans, as was the case again this weekend. The Dutchman was keen to make a point of it slamming those individuals in the press.

Max Verstappen put in another strong performance this weekend at the Hungarian Grand Prix. After a poor qualifying session, the Dutchman started from 10th place on the grid on Sunday. He managed to climb back up to win the race, taking advantage of yet another questionable Ferrari strategy. Even so, Verstappen is now 80 points ahead of second-placed Charles Leclerc in the championship.



Sadly there were some instances of more dubious fan behaviour that happens to spoil the party. For several years now, the Red Bull driver has been competing with Lewis Hamilton for the top spots. A sporting rivalry that Michael Masi has paid the price for.

The former Formula 1 race director revealed that he had received death threats a few months ago, after the last Grand Prix of last season in Abu Dhabi. His controversial decisions allowed Verstappen to pass Hamilton on the final lap and be crowned world champion.

“There were some dark days. I felt like the most hated man on the planet. I got death threats, people threatening to take care of me and my family,” he told Sydney’s Daily Telegraph.



There were no death threats this weekend in Hungary, but Mercedes caps were burnt by fans of the Dutch driver, several videos of which were posted on social media. Verstappen said he was “disgusted” by the images.

“Yeah, that’s of course not acceptable,” he said. “Those fans… no those individuals, I absolutely don’t agree with that, because it’s just disgusting. Overall, I think the majority of the fans applauded a lot, I think, throughout the race, and also on the podium, for each driver. I think that’s how it should be. That burnt cap video, I think it’s disgusting.”

Some of the Dutchman’s fans were also accused a few weeks ago during the Austrian Grand Prix. Some of them celebrated Lewis Hamilton’s crash in qualifying, while a Mercedes cap was also burnt. 




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  2. Fans it just entertainment with big money involved. I understand supporting your driver. This type of behavior is just plain wrong and inexcusable. They should ban fans from future races with this behavior.

  3. What fan behaviour? At this point I think they’re making it up to fuel their campaigne on abuse and inclusion. Seems f1 is inclusive of only the people who agree with them. It’s getting very fascist if you ask me.

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