Haas team mates: Magnussen doubts Ricciardo’s abilities

Kevin Magnussen is not sure if Daniel Ricciardo would be an asset to the Haas F1 team during interviews at the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort. The Australian’s Formula 1 future is uncertain after his contract was terminated by McLaren set for the end of this season. Currently, Ricciardo is being considered as Mick Schumacher’s successor at Haas.

Now the number 1 of the US team, Kevin Magnussen has spoken out about this possible pairing at Haas. “Of course I am interested in who will come, but I know that my role in this process is non-existent. All I can do is wait patiently.” confirms the Dane.

“For myself, I hope we have someone else good in the car next year.”


Ricciardo was never able to match his performances at McLaren, not only at Red Bull but also at Renault. Signed on a massive bumper deal as a replacement for Carlos Sainz, Ricciardo’s underperformance has been a shock to many who expected the Australian to continue on where he left off at Red Bull, and even Renault. The now veteran driver leading the team ahead of his rookie British team mate.


Yet, one glaring stat that shows how much Ricciardo is struggling this year is looking at qualifying versus Norris who has bested the Australian eleven times compared to Daniels’ two times beating Lando. This has certainly accounted for the frequent defeats to his British team mate at McLaren.

And, for one of the highest paid drivers compared to the rest of the grid, the writing was on the wall for some time. Ricciardo is on more money than Ferrari duo Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc (£9.8m each) and Red Bull’s Sergio Perez (£8.6m).


As for Magnussen, the Dane is not convinced by Daniel Ricciardo’s abilities and what he might bring to Haas.

“I don’t know if he could make the team better, I’ve never raced against him. From the outside he was always someone I thought was extremely good, but it’s actually very difficult to judge how much of that was his good car and how much of it was actually him,” Magnussen said.

“He obviously went up against Max and did really well against Max, and I’m pretty convinced that Max is as good as he looks. But again, it’s not my job to think about those things.”

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8 responses to “Haas team mates: Magnussen doubts Ricciardo’s abilities

      • Magnussen hasn’t exactly set the world on fire and to be honest I don’t think he ever will . I think he would like a team mate that’s worse than him to make him look better and that’s not Ricciardo.

  1. “For myself, I hope we have someone else good in the car next year.”

    Kind of let slip it won’t be Schumacher..

  2. I don’t think Riccardo is so desperate to consider HaaS.
    I think there is a fair chance he will land in Alpine or even Williams instead of Latifi.

  3. Daniel ric what a great driver man loved by many fans people 8 Wins – Norris 0 McLaren car 2022 very bad to Drive McLaren Fault? No comment On Hass drivers no wins hehe

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