Gasly breaks silence on Alpine rumour

Gasly announced as Alpine’s replacement for Alonso is a headline seen in some media outlets, but really the chances of that are slim with an intense rivalry with the incumbent driver of Esteban Ocon. That being said, the all French pairing potential would be seen by many as a natural desire for the Renault Alpine Formula 1 squad. Gasly makes comment on the Alpine rumours to the media at the Belgian Grand Prix.

While Sebastian Vettel’s retirement will bring about some changes for next season, Fernando Alonso will be signing with Aston Martin. This will leave a place at Alpine and Pierre Gasly’s name is on the list of replacements. While many rumours are circulating on this subject, the French driver was keen to break his silence.

The retirement of Sebastian Vettel at the end of the season will force some teams to make some changes. While Fernando Alonso will leave Alpine to join Aston Martin, a place will become available to drive alongside Esteban Ocon. Oscar Piastri, Daniel Ricciardo, and Mick Schumacher’s names have been touted, but also Pierre Gasly despite still having a year on his Red Bull contract.


“It was funny to see because my situation with Red Bull is clear, I have one year left on my contract with them,

“I think there were some rumours around my name because Red Bull hadn’t made a clear announcement about me yet, at least I think so,”



With only one year left on his contract with Red Bull, Pierre Gasly says he is in frequent contact with the team boss.

“We still see each other every year to talk about the future,

“And he was very clear in telling me that they wanted to keep me at Alpha Tauri. Once Perez joined, they wanted me to stay where I am, and we will continue until my contract expires, and next year will be my 10th year as a Red Bull driver, unbelievable,

“After that? We’ll see what happens.”



While such a move seems difficult to materialize, Pierre Gasly has been rumoured to be joining several big teams in past, including Mercedes and McLaren. The French driver is delighted with these rumours and believes he has gained a lot of experience since his debut.

“I’m happy to hear that,

“You know, after only one season in Formula 1, I was promoted to Red Bull, and at that time they gave me a great opportunity because they saw my potential,

“If I think about it now, after five years in Formula One, I am a much more complete driver. I have a lot more experience, I’m more efficient in working with the team, I know exactly what I want from the car and my feedback is much clearer. We are growing and learning.”



Pierre Gasly is often linked to high profile teams for next season and the driver feels ready for a top team.

“Do I feel ready for a top team? Yes, now I am much more complete,

“I think I have shown that with a mid-range car I am capable of progressing and getting good results, and with all due respect to Alpha Tauri, there will always be a gap to a top team.”


But while Pierre Gasly’s name has resounded around Alpine to replace Fernando Alonso and form a 100% French driver pairing with Esteban Ocon, the Alpha Tauri racer decided to break the silence about his possible arrival at the French team.

“For the moment I don’t really want to make too many comments because I haven’t seen anything yet. Obviously I’ve just finished qualifying and probably the most important thing is just to perform with the car I have, and then we’ll see what happens.”


For many in the paddock, such a pairing seems unlikely, not just due to the remainder of the Red Bull contract, but also the fact Ocon and Gasly really don’t like each other. At a similar age, their rivalry started during the early days of karting, and up through the junior formulas.

Despite this, however, the prospect of an all French pairing would surely be seriously attractive to Alpine and the two drivers.

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  1. If you can’t have a civilized working relationship with your team mate then the entire team suffers.The two of you need to grow up forget the past. Ask Mr. Personality, Wimp Norris and Aussie Riccardo. Look at the mess McLaren’s Team Principle created by outing Riccardo in public. Then you have Mr. Personality’s son Norris also outing Riccardo the other day in public. I have yet to hear Riccardo say a bad word about the Team or personnel. Yes, Riccardo is having a bad season, this happens to drivers and teams. Seb has fallen into this web. Does this make it right to throw them under the bus? I hope Norris falls into this web some day. Today he’s nothing more then a over confident child with questionable manners.

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