Norris surprisingly harsh words about Ricciardo

The McLaren driver will change team-mates at the end of the season after Daniel Ricciardo was sacked by his team a year before the end of his contract. In the pre-race weekend press conference for the Formula Grand Prix at Spa, the young British driver made no attempt to feign pity for the Australian.

“People might hate me after saying that” said Lando Norris. The McLaren driver is still relatively fresh in the world of Formula 1 but he has already understood the essence of the sport: here, no pity, no friendship, especially with a teammate.

If Lando Norris was close to Carlos Sainz Jr in his early days, his relationship with joker Dan remained cordial and professional until the latter’s departure at the end of the season was announced.


After Ricciardo had just given out some praise to McLaren at Spa on Thursday, saying he understood the team’s decision because of his performance. When asked about this, Lando Norris expressed no particular empathy for his team-mate.

“I don’t think I should have any sympathy for any driver who hasn’t been able to do as good a job as I have,” he said, before adding: “I hate to say that.”



“I just have to concentrate on my riding and my work,” he continued.

“My job is not to focus on anyone else, I’m not a coach. I’m not here to help anyone. I’m here to give the maximum, quite simply. So, obviously, it’s difficult when people expect me to do other things when that’s not my job.”

Oscar Piastri, who has been lined up to take over from Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren, knows what to expect: Norris is a prodigy who has assimilated the rules of the game in F1. Here, only the performance counts, not the feelings.

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8 responses to “Norris surprisingly harsh words about Ricciardo

  1. Well Lando, when you start winning races you can start strutting around like a young cock. But until then, you are really a nobody.

  2. I have noticed how he’s gotten a swelled head in recent times … this confirms that he really needs to look again at himself … just nasty!

    • Lando can’t really be criticised for not feeling sorry for a competitor, however getting a few 5th places and an odd podium is hardly the stuff of legends. Particularly in a team that has developed their cars around his driving technique. Fortunately for him, by the time he is getting close to retirement, fans will not remember this lack of grace, unless it continues.

  3. Lando,s histrionics when the wiser heads wanted to ensure he won in Russia is in stark contrast to Daniel bringing McLaren it’s win at Monza, and as Lando has said they might be the only chances to win he might get over his career.

  4. Norris you need to shut your mouth and just drive for Mr. Personality you arrogant little wimp! Just another person who thinks he better than everyone else in F1. So far the only person that has any class and didn’t bad mouth McLaren, Mr. Personality or Norris is Riccardo.

  5. I laugh at this kid, he’s not prepared for the world outside of a race car cockpit. For all the claims of being pampered about Stroll and even Mazepin, it appears that Norris is the poster child of pampered brats. He actually thought Canada was a USA state.

  6. I disagree with all above. To become a topdriver, a potential wdc, you can not ge me nice guy. You have to be hard. For yourself ánd your colleagues. Nice guys don’t win. You need a ruthless killer mentality. Lando understood that finally. Being popular and loved is nice but not enough if you want to be a wdc. And he is to honest to fake it.

  7. Ducky,
    He’s fighting a paper dragon, Definitely not world class material, so he should have just deferred when asked the question.”Dan’s a nice guy, but I have to focus on my racing.” would have been enough.

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