Alonso to be denied number 1 status by Stroll

Fernando Alonso will not be Aston Martin’s number one driver says the team owned by Lawrence Stroll, whose son will be team mate to the Spaniard. Aston Martin Racing team boss Mick Krack says Alonso will not take on the role of number one driver next year when the two-time Formula 1 world champion joins the British manufacturer.

Just after the Hungarian Grand Prix, Aston Martin announced that Spaniard Fernando Alonso will join the team from the 2023 season, with the current Alpine driver signing a multi-year contract with the Silverstone-based outfit. At Aston Martin, Alonso will partner Canadian Lance Stroll and directly replace Germany’s Sebastian Vettel, who will retire at the end of the 2022 campaign after 15 years at the highest level.

Although Fernando Alonso is far more experienced than his future team-mate Lance Stroll, the Aston Martin team boss insists that he will not be given the number one driver status next year: “Fernando and Lance will have equal status,” confirmed Mick Krack, quoted by Motorsportweek.


Of course, the canny Spaniard would know far better to demand such status in a team with such blatant nepotism in place, but going by previous actions in other teams, it will be very interesting how the ‘wily ol fox’ operates at the Silverstone based squad.

“Fernando hasn’t asked for anything like that [to be the team leader], there has been talk in the media of offering him things like number one status and a huge salary, but I can assure you that Fernando is not doing it for the status, nor for a cheque.” assures Krack,

“Obviously the package has to be commensurate with a driver of Fernando’s calibre and experience, but the speed with which the deal was done tells you that things like salary or the details of the deal were not Fernando’s main motivations.”



“He said it himself before the break, when both parties want to agree on something, it only takes ten minutes. What convinced Fernando was the opportunity to be part of a team that is progressing and where he can have a real impact.”

Fernando Alonso has nine races left in Alpine colours before joining the Aston Martin team following the 2022 season finale in Abu Dhabi in November.




10 responses to “Alonso to be denied number 1 status by Stroll

  1. Maybe not immediately, who cares at this point Alonso will run circles around Stroll. Stroll would have been out of F1 a few seasons ago if “Mr. Personality” Brown, Team Principle Bozo was involved.

  2. Lawrence Stroll has money, and quite a lot of it, therefore his son gets to play at racing drivers.
    It’s that simple. Alonso will make him look stupid, even if daddy’s boy( the one with the silver spoon in his mouth) gets the upgrades first Alonso will still beat him.

  3. The title of this article is just plain wrong and misleading. How can Alonso be DENIED number 1 status when he never asked for it in the first place?

    As stated in this article (and many others), Mike Krack mentioned, “Fernando hasn’t asked for anything like that”

    This is unethical and amateur journalism practice.

    • the fact he’s joined that team means he knows automatically he is denied no.1 status, the concept is clearly deeper than your prerequisite that he has to have asked

      • You are phrasing a speculative/implied concept as a matter of fact. That is wrong and you know it.

  4. Alonso is a hasbeen, should have retires after “rookie” and now “GOAT” of F1, Lewis Hamilton whipped his arse in 2007

    • Whipped his ass or ties in points in 2007?

      I recall Hamilton beaching his car in China and throwing away a championship.

  5. I look forward to Stroll whining longer and louder than ever, and Fernando chuckling quietly as he gives him lessons in proper driving.

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