Hamilton angry over comments in the press, talks about extension

Mercedes has had a difficult first half of the Formula 1 season. The team has failed to win a race, despite the gap between Red Bull and Ferrari having narrowed recently. Lewis Hamilton, after losing the world championship last year, the chances of getting number eight in 2022 are zero. After reading comments in the press, Hamilton is angry.

There has been repeated speculation about Hamilton’s possible retirement. Some experts have already written him off presenting the idea that he could prematurely terminate his contract with Mercedes AMG F1, which runs until the end of 2023.

“I’ve seen a few comments from certain people who I respected a lot when I was growing up, but at the end of the day their comments are stupid and a load of nonsense,” the seven-time world champion expressed his annoyance.

“They are just trying to make headlines to stay relevant.”

what happened to lewis hamilton



He clarifies, “I’ve been associated with Mercedes since I was 13 years old. We had a great time together, we went through ups and downs together. I am 100 per cent behind this team. I don’t want to be anywhere else just because we went through a difficult period.”

“It’s just not in my DNA to back down. We are still world champions. And we can fix this. It’s going to take longer. It’s going to be a painful year that we’re going to have to go through together – with the belief that we can correct it at some point during the year, or at least next year in the worst case.”



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Whether or not he will continue beyond then does not depend on winning his eighth world title, Hamilton clarifies.

“That’s a really big task. And it’s not something that immediately comes to mind in that context.”

“I think all of us face these challenges throughout our lives and this is one that I really enjoy. I really enjoy spending more time with the team, diving deeper into engineering, into aerodynamics, into simulator development and all those things.”




“I think I still feel fresh and young, to be honest, even though I’m with all these young people here. So I don’t think that (the eighth title; ed.) will be the deciding factor whether I continue or not. I plan to stay here,” Hamilton said.


Even the announced retirement of fellow driver and good friend Sebastian Vettel has not changed that, as the British driver recently revealed to ‘Vanity Fair’.

“But it’s a hint that I’m in this part of my career where people who have raced with me for so long are starting to stop,” the 37-year-old said.

He says he himself is “still on a mission” and reveals, “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about an extension.”

During the Formula 1 summer break, however, Hamilton is also treating himself to some time off – in Africa. “In search of his roots,” as he writes on Instagram.

And the Formula One driver enthuses: “To say that this trip was a grounding experience is an understatement. It was a life-changing new start. I feel like I’ve gained a new perspective on life, developed an even stronger love for animals and become even closer to my brothers with whom I’ve shared this special journey.”


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6 responses to “Hamilton angry over comments in the press, talks about extension

  1. Don’t think Lewis will ever get an 8th championship after being robbed last year ,it was partly his own fault not paying attention to driving and too much on wokery and blm ,he could have wrapped up the championship and then the wokery nonsense, he’s going to look back on a wasted year, offer your services to mclaren were you started they put their faith in you give something back, even if it’s to teach their drivers not to be so flippant

    • Yes, he will. News flash Simon, no one was robbed. Follow the sequence or “Chain of Events”: 1.MB tire strategy; 2.Crash; 3.Yellow Flag; 4.No win decision time forFIA/Masi; 5.Green flag.

      Masi and the Teams wanted a green flag. Its the correct and fair way to race. No one in general is happy about winning under a Yellow! Ask the Drivers this question.

      Lewis is paid to race, so it was not a wasted year because Lewis has added many wins and pole positions in 2021 to the history book.

  2. Don’t count Lewis or MB out. Read between lines he’s in the car for 2023. If you recall most drivers and teams over the years have had difficulty after winning a second title in a row. This has not been the case with Lewis or MB.
    The FIA changes have put some of the teams in a difficult position this year. Most have made the best of it. MB and Whiney Wolff really guys!

    • mg duece, you must realy need a big ladder to get of your high horse,i’m a lewis fan in good and bad times and too old a cat to be f>><ed by a kitten oh really and botheration

  3. He is in a better car now, it is better now because the other cars are having a performance feature made illegal due to a complete lack of ability on the part of Mercedes as they can’t keep up. Bravo Toto!

  4. “It’s not in my dna to back down”… Did he not want to quit a race after a few laps when in 15th or so position? His team had to beg him to stay in the race. The hypocrite! And giving interviews to Vanity fair shows exactly that he is all about vanity. His appearance. Clothing. Hair. Bragging about a role in film he missed out on. “Looking for his roots” in Africa. Playing the woke conscience of the world. Okay driver, disgusting human being.

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