The reason Alonso switched

Aston Martin already focused on its 2023 F1 “for some time” claims the team, a big point of discussion when snaring two time champion Fernando Alonso into the team. The Aston Martin Formula 1 team has already begun to focus much of its resources on the development of the 2023 season’s car, although the technical regulations for next season have not yet been officially published by the FIA.

After a very difficult start to the season, failing to score a single point in the first three rounds of the year, the Aston Martin team found some improvement in the performance of its car as updates were introduced to the AMR22, but these meagre improvements did not allow the British manufacturer’s team to make a significant move up the order before the summer break.

Well aware that the AMR22’s performance needs to be further improved this season if it is to finish higher in the championship, the Aston Martin team has decided to look ahead to next season and has begun development of the future AMR23 early this year. It is said that this was a big reason for Alonso to see a potential in the team and switch over to Aston Martin. 


“Although we need to continue to improve the performance of the AMR22 and a small group of people are still working on it, we have already turned our attention to the AMR23,” confirms Mick Krack, Aston Martin’s team principal.

“We have been focusing on the AMR23 for some time now, as the car needs to perform well from the moment it leaves the pits. A new season and a new car is the biggest opportunity to get ahead of your competitors.”



This website published several articles on the troubles Aston Martin faced during the winter. A whistle-blower contacted us and described the situation as a huge crisis. The AMR22 that hit the track for testing and the first part of the F1 season was a poor, early iteration of the 2022 car. A brand new B spec car came for Spain but the raft of updates didn’t improve the team’s championship.

Krack believes that the various updates introduced to the AMR22 throughout the first half of the season have helped the team gain performance, but not enough in his opinion.

“We have made significant improvements to the car throughout the first part of the season, but it’s all relative,” he insists.

“People assume that the upgrades didn’t work because we didn’t move up the order, but the upgrades did work – just not enough to get us back up.”

“We brought a set of major upgrades to the Spanish Grand Prix – new sidepods, a new flat bottom, engine cover, changes to the front suspension – and with enough parts to get both cars running to the latest specification. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was an amazing job by everyone in the team.”



Despite their best efforts, the Aston Martin team sits second to last in the constructors’ championship with 20 points so far this year.

Next year, Aston Martin will welcome two-time world champion Fernando Alonso to the team, the Spaniard having decided to leave Alpine at the end of this year and commit to Aston Martin for several years.




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