Wolff and Hamilton’s big reaction

This weekend sees the Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring circuit, the thirteenth race of the Formula 1 season. Qualifying ended on Saturday afternoon with George Russell setting the fastest time. His team-mate Lewis Hamilton set the seventh fastest time in Q3, when a DRS failure meant zero chance to challenge for pole. The incident was deeply disappointing for Hamilton, who was unable to complete another lap. Team boss Toto Wolff and Hamilton were nevertheless quick to react to George’s pole.

The Hungarian Grand Prix takes place this weekend for the thirteenth race of the season. The Hungarian circuit is the last Grand Prix before the summer break, and seems to be full of surprise for F1 fans. Nicholas Latifi set the fastest time in FP3 with his Williams on Saturday lunchtime, while George Russell took a surprise pole position from Carlos Sainz on the final lap. Another surprise was the poor performance of the two Red Bull cars, respectively tenth with Max Verstappen and eleventh with Sergio Perez.

The first pole position of the season for Mercedes, who were jubilant like Lewis Hamilton, who was very happy at the end of Q3.


After his second place at Le Castellet last Sunday, Lewis Hamilton is smiling again. His team is also smiling, because after last week’s double (Hamilton 2nd / Russell 3rd) Mercedes is back on pole position for the first time this season. Hamilton is delighted declaring that “Considering everything we’ve been through, this is huge, so I’m really happy for everyone,”

“It’s a huge step forward and we certainly didn’t expect it here. Congratulations to George, he’s done an incredible job and it’s a great result for the team,” said the seven-time F1 world champion. But the British driver could have hoped for more and he made it clear.



Lewis Hamilton suffered a mishap that prevented him from completing a final lap that could have given him pole position. The Mercedes driver reflects on the failure.

“I tried to open the DRS in Q3 and it wouldn’t open, so it was a bit of a shame. I was feeling good about the car, pole or the front row was definitely there for sure. It would have been great to have a front row for the team, but these things happen,” the British driver lamented.


The DRS problem dashed Hamilton’s hopes of pole position. Toto Wolff, Mercedes’ team boss, apologised to his driver.

“Sorry for the mess with the DRS. We have both Verstappen and Perez behind you. You’ve just got Norris, Ocon and Alonso who you should be able to pass. You can do it tomorrow, I’m sure! Sorry again,” Wolff announced to Hamilton’s radio.

In the media compound area, he returned to Russell’s chances of victory on Sunday. “I think if we can hold the position on the first lap and come out of the first lap, if George has a solid run, some good stops, why not? We can win,” said Wolff.



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  1. Toto are we whining today??? Mouths are shut when its going your way because you and MB expects nothing but success. The minute the waters get choppy you whine and point like a Brittany.

    • Toto’s “safety argument” strategy has started working what with a pliant FIA bending over backwards to please him. Now that Merc are regularly on the podium but not winning yet, one can expect more stealthy shenanigans from Toto’s convoluted brain to derive more unfair advantage for this year as well as the next.
      Now Wolf is given to apologizing to Hamilton every time he performs poorly, to mask the fact that he is no more than an above-average driver.
      Even though Merc cannot win either championship this year, the manipulations will continue so that they may win next year and anoint the SirBastaLiar with an eighth WDC. I feel really sorry for the fine young man George for having to prostrate before Toto in the uncertain hope of being promoted to number one. In the process, he has become deeply influenced by the toxic duo. It would be quite appropriate if he is named George Hamilton, though that would cause the namesake, the former PM of Britain, to turn in his grave.

  2. Sorry Vijay, but I don’t know whose carrots you’ve been smoking, to disrespect any F1 driver when you can’t do better is totally unacceptable. Respect the skills all F1 drivers bring to the race and stop this school child name calling of proven drivers. Respect the skill all drivers bring to F1, and please 🙏 stop smoking those organic carrots.

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