Haas snubs Schumacher: “crashed too much”

In Hungary, only one Haas Formula 1 car will get the new big update package, and it is not Mick Schumacher. According to team boss Günther Steiner, the German has crashed too many times and is also facing a penalty, therefore only Kevin Magnussen will receive the new parts.

At the French GP, Mick Schumacher experienced a weekend to forget (again) with 15th and last place. But even worse: the next two races are likely to be difficult for the German as well. For the Hungarian GP next week, Haas finally brings the long-awaited update package but has snubbed their German driver. In Le Castellet on Sunday last week, the team admitted that there are only parts for one car and Schumi’s team mate Kevin Magnussen will be getting them because he is the better placed driver in the world championship standings, and the German has caused too many accidents.

“Even for the one car we will hardly have any spare parts.” says the team boss,

“We had a lot of accidents this year and used up all our materials because of that,” explains Günther Steiner.

With Mick’s crashes at the beginning of the season, Schumacher himself is responsible for the fact that he now has to wait but “That’s okay for me,” the German explains after the French GP.

Schumacher interviewed in f4


“Budapest is a track that should actually suit us. Even without a new package, it can be good there.” says the son of the F1 legend Michael Schumacher.

 One thing is clear: due to the comparatively low budget of the US team, the new parts will be the only major update of the season on the VF-22: Extensive changes to the underbody and the sidepods are the focus. Team boss Steiner explains why it is nevertheless important that at least one driver has the new specification on the car as soon as possible explaining that “we can analyse it during the summer break.



Originally, the update package was planned for Canada, then for France, but was repeatedly postponed. Schumi Jr. now has to wait until at least Spa.

Further, German is threatened with the next setback. Because Haas, as a Ferrari customer, is also affected by the Scuderia’s engine problems, Schumacher is already at the end of the running time of his third engine, and he is threatened with an engine penalty and a corresponding demotion to the back of the field.

His team-mate Magnussen had the same problem, but already served his penalty at the weekend in France and is now free to drive up with the new package.

Steiner confirms the Schumacher engine penalty coming saying that: “If we’re not forced to do it, we won’t do it in Budapest.” as the Hungaroring is traditionally considered a track without overtaking opportunities. The penalty and engine change is now planned for Spa.



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2 responses to “Haas snubs Schumacher: “crashed too much”

  1. It looks like Haas has hired another Crash Romain Grosjean! Günther remember you hired Mick because of his name and money he provided to the team so stop BSing the racing fans and give Mick the upgrades. Your team is doing fairly well compared to a few years ago with Crash Romain.

    I say,Kevin Magnusson the guy you dumped with Crash Grojean has become a dam good driver and an asset to Haas with set-up and driving experience. You called it incorrectly with Kevin! I give Kevin a B for this year.

  2. What team doesn’t have spare parts for both drivers? Cammon, Haas stop playing internal politics and give both your driver’s the same tools. Otherwise, compete with just one car, because what you doing right now, doesn’t make any sense.
    Either, you have faith and supporting both drivers, treating them the same or you don’t and by doing this “Cinderella” type of thing to young Mick you are being a) disrespectful towards your own driver and b) how is the public gonna support him when his own team doesn’t.
    FIX IT!

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