Lando Norris outsells Lewis Hamilton on Merchandise at Silverstone

Lewis Hamilton’s popularity at Formula One’s British GP is a given, but it appears the baton of Silverstone king is being passed to fellow Brit Land Norris. Sky’s post race coverage displayed thousands of fans on the pit straight waiting to see allegedly their hero Hamilton come and greet them.

Lewis had clearly thrilled the crowd during the race and when he entered the final chicane in a three way fight with Sergio Perez and Charles LeClerc, coming out on top in P2, the crowd went wild on the TV audio.

However, Lewis Hamilton has a certain marmite appeal for British fans and has caused controversy during his career.

His first big faux par was in Monaco 2009 when he’d been hauled again in front of the stewards for 5 times in 6 races and explained it was because “I iz black”.



Some feel Hamilton has had favour from Mercedes over team mates which has allowed him to win the number of races and titles he has and certainly he has driven for the most dominant team I F1 history as Mercedes have won an unprecedented 8 constructor titles in a row.


F1 paddock reporters suggest Lando Norris is the most accessible of all the drivers

In recent years Lewis along with Sebastian Vettel have invested a significant amount of time in non-F1 issues. Hamilton driving the Black Lives Matter campaign at times cajoling other drivers to support the cause by ‘taking the knee’ before each race.

Formula One have dropped this ceremonial type protest this season and sources close to TJ13 suggest Lewis was extremely unhappy about this.



It maybe the baton of best of British driver is being passed from Lewis to Land Norris as Naomi Schiff revealed on Sky’s “Any Driven Monday” that Lando Norris outsold Hamilton in the merchandise stakes at the 2022 British GP.

Jenson Button noted of Norris popularity, “Land just says what comes into his head – and I love that”.

Contrast that with the media savvy  Lewis Hamilton who has been coached to perfection to respond when there’s in team controversy with the most politically correct response.

Lando Norris social media may well be more ‘real’ for ordinary people as he consistently portrays the image of a guy just happy to be doing what he is doing. He rarely criticise the team or cajoles them into bigger, faster better.

The McLaren star realises that the team and the car are a huge part of what he does, and if McLaren don’t deliver the car he can only do what he does. 



Lewis Hamilton is clearly in the twilight of his career and maybe considered a ‘statesman’ of the sport of F1.

Whereas Lando Norris retains the image of a guy having fun and expecting just to do his best without the pressure of winning races being on his agenda.

Clearly the reign of Lewis Hamilton as king of Silverstone is in its wain and the fun loving, fan adored Land Norris is in line to take his crown.

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6 responses to “Lando Norris outsells Lewis Hamilton on Merchandise at Silverstone

  1. Well said. Real people we can relate to are what we want. Not the priest-like, fake-friendly, ‘I am morally better than you’ Lewis Hamilton type.

  2. There will be an earthquake if he says what he really feels.Thank God that the guy is matured enough to keep his feelings to himself. Big mouths like you will be the first to crucify him if he talks without thinking like you suggest.

    • There is a world of difference between keeping your feelings for yourself and behaving like a moral superior Saint. And yes, speaking your mind can get you criticized but at least you behave like real human being than. Russell should also be carefull. He starts behaving like a posterboy. Always displaying the right behaviour, politically correct. Ideal son in law. People buy that only for a short while.

  3. Hamilton is the worst LesBastalier there is. When he wanted a knee, the other drivers should have given him one, preferably in the groin!
    Poor Georgie, he will be forced to mouth the words that Ham and Toto want. Already, the MB team has started sabotaging him to Ham’s advantage as they could not stand him leading Ham. He too cannot, will not speak his mind and in any case, he will be suppressed to glorify the LesBastalier.

  4. Hate him for being good, hate for being bad, just hate him anyway. You can’t just wait for him to die. You gotta wait a long long time though…

    • I am not waiting for him to die, it is him who will not hesitate to kill and escape any punishment, thanks to the compliant FIA. All I am looking for is his retirement and taking his antics elsewhere. If he has political ambitions (all his shenanigans seem directed towards that), better he pursues that and lets free F1 from his clutches.

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