Revelation: Ecclestone claims he saved Hamilton’s career

Bernie Ecclestone still continues to be one of Formula One’s most controversial figures despite retrieving from running the sport. He defended Nelson Piquet’s comments last week when the Brazilian was accused of using a racist slur to denote Hamilton during a podcast last November.

Piquet has since apologised for his language stating he had no malicious intent but has since been banned from the F1 paddock.

Bernie Ecclestone defended Piquet suggesting Hamilton should just “brush aside” such events rather than shine a spotlight on them.

Hamilton responded to Ecclestone’s criticism in 2022 British GP drivers’ press conference 

“We should not be giving these people a platform, these old voices, whether they are subconscious or consciously do not agree that people like me for example should be in the sport like this… discrimination is not something we should be protecting and promoting.”

Speaking to Swiss F1 reporter Roger Benoit of Blick, Ecclestone has reacted angrily to Hamilton’s suggestion he should lose his “platform” to speak out on F1 matters.



The ex F1 supremo stated Hamilton’s moralising is a “complete load of rubbish” and that it’s “terribly rude” of Lewis to be suggesting he is too old to have a meaningful opinion.

“Yes, maybe I’m not sensitive enough,” admits Ecclestone, ”I see many things differently, and I say them because I was asked so nicely.”

“But I do stand by one statement – Putin was always fair to Formula 1. And I can’t say that about all the promoters.”

In a fascinating revelation, Ecclestone advised the Mercedes driver to think more carefully before he attacks him again

“Lewis has forgotten a lot,” he said.

“When Mercedes didn’t pay him what he asked for, I immediately said I’d pay the difference. Because Formula 1 needs a person of colour, a Chinese and a woman.”



Hamilton’s relationship with his McLaren team boss Ron Dennis was at an all time low and there were no contract talks for coming to extend Lewis stay with the Woking team.

Then Mercedes came knocking, giving Hamilton an option to continue in Formula One.

Though it now appears they were reluctant to pay Hamilton’s demands so Ecclestone stepped in to save Lewis’ career and retain F1’s driver ofd colour.

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8 responses to “Revelation: Ecclestone claims he saved Hamilton’s career

  1. Hamilton has never been known to suffer from feelings of gratitude. He is an opportunist who is gifted with extraordinary ability to play politics and push his agenda. When the question of taking a knee came up, I still remember Hamilton badmouthing Bernie in the worst possible way. He is a bigot for whom the motto is ‘My way or the high way’. All through his life, he has been helped by white persons, starting with his mother, not forgetting Bernie. Yet, he has shamelessly used the argument “maybe because I am black” to get out of being punished for his misdeeds and aberrations.
    I must admit that he is a powerful personality. Singlehandedly, he has bent F1 to his will to destroy it. I look forward to his exit. F1 would then return to being the wonderful sport it has been known to be.

  2. FAM RIGHT BERNIE IS OLD. The whole reason why he got moved off the top step was to allow for a better and younger team to look after F1. WE want someone that shines the light on every little bit of discrimination. The pure fact he says Hamilton shouldn’t bite back after comments like that just shows how much old fashioned Bernie’s way of thinking. Sit your butt down old man.

  3. The old man was always controversial, now supporting Putin murderous regime, supporting the massacre of Ukrainian women and children, the destruction of Ukrainian property who does he really think he is? A racist, fascist has been that nobody cares what his opinions are because there based on hatred.

    • Everyone has a right to his opinions, irrespective of his age. If they don’t agree with yours, you spew hatred on him. Typical of what the hamfosi do. Calling Bernie a fascist and racist is like “Thief yelling thief”.

      If we are enjoying F1 today, it is because of Bernie. It can’t be denied. The sanctimonious Western Press have ganged up on Putin, hiding the fact that the situation has arisen because the West, especially the USA, unnecessariily poked the sleeping bear. Typical of the thoughtlessness of Biden who screwed up on multiple fronts including Afghanistan.
      USA has a history of meddling in the affairs of other countries and they have not learned a lesson. Vietnam gave it a black face and history will not forget it. What they did to Saddam Hussein is the worst kind of atrocity that any country had done to another. Yet USA is pulling al the Western Powers into this cesspool.

      USA is directly (and the comedian indirectly) responsible for the loss of so many lives in Ukraine. Unthinking idiot USA has played into the hands of China. Now USA is going down and China is silently gaining control. The dishonest Western Press, sucking up to Biden, will not write about this. Disgusting!
      Goodbye USA!

      • Bernie having helped Hamilton should not give him a licence to supress his views and reactions when he is provoked. If Bernie insists on trying to threaten and silence the man of color he has helped just because he made him then his own beautiful deeds will eventually amount to nothing.

  4. Ecclestone must be getting senile if he thinks Putin is a good guy because he liked F1 I’m sure that Hitler must have liked someone or something too, but he like Putin was still a homicidal maniac.
    Bernie seems to think that F1 owes him something but he was well rewarded when he sold his stake for a fortune what he obviously doesn’t understand that time moves on and what was accepted year’s ago is definitely not acceptable today.

  5. There appears to be a discrepancy… Why would Merc, their own project uncertain, have been willing to fork out a megawage? Published material suggests McLaren offered as much money, but less “freedom”, encompassing such aspects as media duties and control over the driver’s image rights.

    As a business decision, it was a no-brainer for Bernie as HAM’s sponsorship attraction was and has continued to prove. I wonder how hard Bernie pushed for Chinese and women…

    If the sentiments in this piece are accurately relayed, I doubt there is a universe in which Bernie would accept anything short of eternal gratitude from HAM.

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