Verstappen praises former ‘enemy’

Ahead of the Silverstone Grand Prix, where expectations are high for Max Verstappen, the Red Bull driver has decided to reverse his decision to boycott Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’ series. The driver explained his decision, stating that the American platform had had a considerable impact on the development of Formula 1, praising what he had considered ‘the enemy’ saying that they fabricated stories about the drivers.

A very important weekend for Max Verstappen; the Red Bull driver has the opportunity to hit the ground running this Sunday at Silverstone despite a tardy free practice yesterday. One year after his accident with Lewis Hamilton on the UK circuit, the Dutchman will be out for revenge and will want to remind everyone that he is the reigning world champion.

Leading by almost 50 points over Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc, Verstappen is the number one candidate to succeed him. However, the 24-year-old is not expecting an easy weekend.

“I’m looking forward to going back to Silverstone because it’s a real classic and historic race on the calendar. There are so many amazing fans there and the team at the Milton Keynes factory is just down the road or so. It’s also good to be back on a regular circuit after several city circuits,

“The performance this weekend will depend on getting the balance right and we also need a decent tyre strategy as the degradation will be high there. So there are a lot of things we need to set up for this weekend, it won’t be easy,” he explained.


This weekend is also an opportunity for Max Verstappen to reconsider his decision to boycott those recording the race for Netflix.

Last year, the Dutchman refused to appear in season 4 of Drive to Survive claiming that “they invent a lot of things” and that “they created rivalries that don’t really exist.”

“So I decided not to do any more interviews with them. So they can’t use anything. I’m not the kind of person who puts my life on stage to make a show, I’m more interested in the facts and the truth,” said the Dutchman in an interview published by L’Equipe.

A big disappointment for Netflix, especially since the season turned out to be legendary with a title that was decided on the last Grand Prix between Lewis Hamilton and… Max Verstappen, of course. A year later, the Red Bull driver has finally changed his mind.


Max Verstappen spoke of his reversed decision ahead of the Silverstone Grand Prix, thereby confirming the rumour last week that saw Verstappen strike a deal with Netflix. The Dutchman explained “what I thought and where I thought I was wrong in the past”.

He added: “We will try to improve from here. I will have more say in how I am represented and what images of me are used. That’s all I ask. It’s just more realistic, at least on my end. Netflix has helped a lot with the popularity (of Formula One), especially in the US. I don’t mind playing a part in it, but it has to be good for both of us.”



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