Hamilton “Can’t cope with the pressure” says Verstappen

Formula One has been deprived in 2022 of the most exciting match up the sport has seen since Nico Rosberg quit in 2016. Last season was enthralling for fans of Verstappen and Hamilton and for the neutrals too. The history books are written regardless of the debate over the final race in Abu Dhabi which has left the sport with a new world champion and another on the cusp of an historic 8th drivers; title.

Unfortunately Mercedes AMG F1 have failed to deliver a car capable for Lewis Hamilton to challenge his nemesis for this seasons championship and Mercedes much vaunted ‘no sidepod design is surely soon for the scrap heap.

Speaking at the Festival of Speed, Gordon Murray one of the most ingenious F1 car designers of all time, believes Mercedes cannot just ditch the W13 “because the budget restrictions won’t allow it.”

So it appears Lewis is doomed for 2022 to play second fiddle to his junior team mate who is the only driver to finish all 9 races in the top 5 and for Mercedes to play 3rd violin to Ferrari and Red Bull Racing.

Much has been said about Hamilton’s performance this season in particular that he needs a field beating car to deliver the kind of results he has for the past 8 seasons.



To make matters worse, George Russell is handling the difficult Mercedes W13 better than Lewis and is 34 points ahead of his senior team mate and places ahead of him in the drivers’ championship.

Lewis has been accused of being unable to handle the pressure from his young team mate and Max Verstappen too has questioned the perceived invincibility of Hamilton when put under pressure.

With Silverstone up next, the media has turned its attention to the highlights of last seasons race. Verstappen had a healthy lead in the drivers’ championship and the British GP was a must win for Lewis.

Having secured the lead of the race, Verstappen and Hamilton knew the opening laps were vital for the final outcome. Hamilton exited Luffield well and gained on Max through Woodcote. He pulled to the inside down the old pit straight approaching the 180mph Copse corner.

Lewis decided to take the more difficult inside line to force Max out wide. However, the result was Hamilton’s front left wheel clipped Verstappens rear right and sent the Dutchman spinning through the gravel and a huge G-Force impact into the tyre wall.

Hamilton was punished by the race stewards with a time penalty but went on to win the race.



World Touring Car driver, Tom Coronel now reveals Verstappen sent him a secret text whilst on his way to the hospital following the crash. Coronal messaged Max to see if he was ok after such a huge impact.

Coronal goes on to reveal just 3 minutes later his text received a reply.

Speaking to The Express Tom claimed, “I have Max on WhatsApp when he was on his way to the hospital from Silverstone.”

Apparently Verstappen’s mood was good despite losing 25 points due to Hamilton’s mistake.

The Red Bull driver text his friend back saying, “Cannot cope with the pressure that guy hahaha. Don’t worry Tommy, we’re gonna beat him this year.” 

Coronal explains Verstappen wasn’t angry, just philosophical about it all adding, “I tell you he never complained he was pushed out, never. He just said Tommy don’t worry we will catch him.”



Martin Brundle in Montreal observed of Verstappen he appears more relaxed in his driving this year. “He’s racing Charles differently, with more patience” the Sky F1 commentator observed.

“It’s as though he had to ‘dethrone’ Lewis but Charles is more his peer” added Brundle.

Hamilton clearly has his work cut out this season to even beat his team mate – something that happens rarely.

Lewis arrived in F1 racing a double world champion team mate on Fernando Alonso and as the ‘hunter’ he was fearless as he almost achieved his first drivers’ title in his rookie year.

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Yet time, age and the weight of expectation can wear on any sports person so the question is, can Lewis Hamilton handle the pressure of a poor car, being beaten by his team mate whilst the realisation even a race win this season is highly improbable?

10 responses to “Hamilton “Can’t cope with the pressure” says Verstappen

  1. lewis hamilton was never as good as he thought he was. His team’s cheating with the help of the FIA and the fact that lulu escaped numerous proper penalties, made him a “7 time cheating champ” Even his contracts stated that his BETTER team mates were not allowed to race his entitled arrogant ass. That useless driver and his team should have been kicked out of F1 a long time ago. Even in 2022 we can clearly see how Merc and the FIA collude to screw the other teams

    • You must be in a very privileged position to have had access to Hamiltons contract, no? He is a 7 time world champion who never had to rely on human error to win a championship. Let’s not even start on the penalties that Max should have had, shall we? Oh ok, let’s go – lets start with a race ban after the now admitted brake test shall we?

      I’m not expecting an intelligent reply. The fact you refer to Lewis as Lulu sums your mentality, or lack there of, perfectly well.

    • Raiden I think you must have taken too much of whatever it is you are on, have a rest love, get you mind into gear come back to the real world and actually watch a F1 race and then make an informed judgement. Its much better if you know the facts. So chill out babe and stop insulting every one

    • raiden000xxx
      Hang a “vacant” sign on your head, one because you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about ie brainless, and two because all that comes out of you’re moronic brain belongs in the toilet…ie sh** …tip if you know nothing just do everyone a favour and STFU !

    • Raiden, in the midst of all the insane hatred posted here, you wil be happy to know I agree with you a 100%. The conclusions from those who suck up to Lulu are that, if you don’t blindly support him, you are an idiot, not intelligent like them; if you don’t support Lesbastalier, you do not know the facts; you know nothing and you must STFU.

      Hamilton is a master of cunning. He knows how to cause you to take your foot off the accelerator and get you penalized for brake testing. He knows how to almost kill his adversaries and escape with a mild penalty or even ‘racing incident’. With FIA bending over backwards where Lulu, Toto and MB are concerned, he can go on doing whatever he likes with impunity. One may recall that after the 51G crash last year, he stated that he would do the same if the chance presented itself again. And celebrated his undeserved win jumping like an Ape. That was the moment the scales fell from my eyes and I turned from a Hamilton fan to one opposed to him. Imagine his audacity to claim that he is the Fairest of drivers!!

      He is so crazy about winning Silverstone that he may descend to every dirty trick to do so. I would love for him to experience a 51G for himself to know what he causes to the others.

  2. I love how a naive, debatably 1 time champion thinks he can lecture a 7 time world champion on handling pressure. I’m not a fan of Lewis but seriously Max come back when you are at the big boy table.

    • Red Bull even said they had to carefully manage Max through the latter half of the year as he wasnt coping with the pressure.

  3. Love it and now we have more idiots, Jackie Stewart and David coulthard telling Lewis he’s past it and step aside. Just who do they thinknthey are, perhaps they should have another whiskee Jimmy

  4. I love how Verstappen’s comments are an year old and the media brings it up now to stir the pot. Also when was Hamilton accused of being unable to handle the pressure from Russel. I don’t support Lewis or Max but this blatant misuse of comments just disgusts me.

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