F1 Race director dithers again over wet forecast for Canada

The 2022 Formula One race in Monaco was delayed by race control for over an hour due to a deluge expected during the start procedure when the teams fit the tyres to the cars. The FIA delegates who manage the F1 races were criticised for failing to understand the regulations for wet tyres at the start of a race.

The FIA appointed for the first time two race directors for the 2022 season, neither of whom have experience of running the F1 weekends. This was deemed necessary following Mercedes protests over the race director Michael; Massi’s decisions at the final race in Abu Dhabi of the 2021.

Adam Cooper F1 paddock writer observed more dithering from race control over the number of wet weather tyres called down from Pirelli for Saturday’s Canadian GP predicted wet weather sessions.



“Another unusual call from race control. After Friday practice there is always a call on an extra set of intermediates, based on weather forecasts. Yesterday the answer was no – but this morning there’s been a change of mind. I can’t remember that happening on a Saturday before.” noted Cooper.

“An extra set is a sensible call, the point is it should have been made yesterday given that it was clear rain was coming. The point of the rule BTW is basically to save Pirelli money by having fewer unused wet tyres wasted at the end of a weekend.”

If the teams have too few wet weather tyres for Saturday practice 3 then they will restrict running significantly clearly not ideal for the 100,000 fans who will attend.

One twister commentator remarked of the race control actions, “indecisive – trademark now”.



Following criticism of the current F1 race directors, FIA president Ben Sulayem revealed, “Our race structure was wrong organisationally. And though we have brought in two new race directors, I wouldn’t say we have got it all right yet. We need to clean the stables.

“This lack of people in the FIA needs to be addressed. I would like to see a minimum of three race directors, ideally by the beginning of next year.”

Ben Sulayem then admitted the FIA are “open” to re-employing Masi in the future.”  

The FIA president concluded, “Michael is there and we might use him. I didn’t say we were getting rid of him.

“I said we might use him. He may be in a good place to use. We are open to everything.”

Clearly the current incumbents are suffering with the huge sporting regulations rulebook and making consistent decisions. If the FIA bring Massi back it will surely anger both Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton who petitioned for him to be removed.

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  1. Please get Martin Brundle to explain how Zeus and Thor conspired to impair Mercedes Benz, and how it is all Michael Massi’s fault.

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